Feb 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Elliot!

 It was so hard to choose my favorite photos of this birthday boy so here is way to0 many, but it is his birthday after all!  Happy birthday to my sweet Elliot Dasher.  I started with your first photo and ended with one I just took today on your first birthday.  Here is a little message I wrote to you as you were sleeping in my arms this morning.

 "one year ago our world was changed forever. elliot dasher compton was born in the early morning and he was so perfect and so so sweet. I still remember the first moments of skin to skin and the incredible bond I felt. I remember his amazing baby scent and long sleepy yawns. It was hard for me to even put him down the first couple of weeks! he loves to be carried, he loves to laugh, he loves attention, and he loves pop music. rambunctious is the perfect word to describe him! he will swipe a piece of food out of your hand and into his mouth before you can blink! he is wild, loud, fearless and determined. when I was praying and praying for another little boy to be a mama too, he was the answer to my prayer. so sleep as long as you want, I will keep running my hands through your soft hair and reflecting on all we have been through this year together, and feeling the weight of my love for you, and how I can be better for you. happy first birthday baby boy.”

This weekend we will be celebrating with family at a party at our home.  It will include his favorite things, top 40 songs, sweet potatoes, and all of his favorite folks.  I can’t wait to see him dive into his smash cake!
My mom has been sending me little video clips today from this day last year.  Me and Cameron as they are doing the surgery, where I am just smiling away, and of them cleaning Elliot and clearing out his airways in his first moments out of the womb.  They were such sweet moments to watch.  I just can’t believe it has already been a year.  This boy has certainly kept me busy and has filled my days than more cuddles and snuggles to last me a lifetime!  

Be looking out for pictures from his party soon to come! :) Its going to be simple and sweet, and all about this cute kid, Elliot Dasher.  


 This weekend Kate came to stay with us.  She arrived Friday after we celebrated Lilly’s 12th birthday party, and helped Cohen and Cameron make a new YouTube video.  The next morning we snuggled with the boys and enjoyed strawberry portraits before we started to get ready for the day.  The thing I miss about living in the same house is my sister is you have a companion to get ready with.  Getting ready becomes an event on its own in which music is playing, gossip is swapped, secrets are shared, and advice is given.  I love making new memories with my sister, and sometimes, that is all it takes!  However, the day had much more in store for us.  We took her to downtown Gadsden and stumbled upon a chili cook off, and spent the day walking around in the 60* degree sunshine and trying all of the chilies. We browsed record stores, antique stores, and of course the superhero collectible store for Cohen and Cam.  Cam and I took turns carrying Elliot and he enjoyed being outside so much.  We had Frios gourmet popsicles and Elliot loved the banana pudding flavor!  Katelyn made a lot of new friends around town, (she floats around like a butterfly charming everyone in her path).

That night we took Cohen and Elliot to the Airwalk in Birmingham for little Zillie’s 3  year old birthday.  Cohen braved the trampolines for just a minute but was more excited about jumping in the foam pit.  I was having the time of my life jumping around with Cameron before we both broke ourselves, he hurt his back doing triple back flip slam dunks, I almost sprayed my ankle just jumping over a mat.  We were sore for days after!

Any weekend that involves my family and new memories is a success in my book!