Sep 30, 2011

Celery Rose

When we moved into our house last Spring, we did a small re-vamp on the hall bathroom.  The linoleum was in pretty bad shape and it needed a bright new coat of paint and trim to give it a fresh look, until we can afford to do the major renovations.  So we removed the old linoleum and put down large black and white tiles, in the checkerboard pattern.  We painted it with Valspar's "Beach Towel" (a bright and refreshing sea foam green kind of color) and trimmed it in Antique White that matched the rest of the trim in the house.  I love how clean and bright the bathroom looks with the white shower curtain and cabinet.  I needed to add something on the wall above the cabinet to make it look complete, and I knew that the 2 small canvases I've had in my craft drawer forever, would finally fulfill their destiny's!

I wanted to test out a celery stamp trick I found on Pinterest.
See the pretty rose?

 For this very cheap and very easy project, all I needed was one package of celery, paint, canvas, jute, and my hot glue gun!  I already used up all of the celery except for the end part that I saved for this project.  Here are the steps!  

I painted both canvases Antique White to match the trim of the bathroom.  Then, off the subject, but I took the excess paint on the brush and painted over some baseboards that needed touching up!  No need to waste good paint..

I first took the end part of the celery, and picked off any excess stalks that would take away from the rose shape I was going for.  Then, I dried off the freshly cut edges to a paper towel to dry.  I dipped it in black acrylic paint and rubbed against the paint tray to remove excess paint. 

I pressed it down on the damp canvas, ( I wanted my edges to have a messy, distressed effect) and begin making layers of roses. 

I stamped both at the same time so they would go well together side by side on the wall.

I let it dry over-night and then I just added a jute hanger on both with a hot glue gun so I could hang them from a nail.  I thought that would be a nice alternative since I didn't have extra frames that fit.  

I also played around with the stamp on a piece of scrapbook paper to see what a bouquet would look like.  I used a single celery stalk end to make leaves on the stems, which I also used with a single stalk.  I thought it was pretty but I'm not sure what to do with it right now!  I will just save it for a day when I might find a cheap thrift store frame to fit.  

I hung them side by side in the bathroom.

Love!!  This was lots of fun and inspired me to try other unusual stamp ideas.  I'm thinking #2 pencil erasers, close pin ends, empty toilet paper rolls, rope, picks.....oh the possibilities!

 Until next time, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

Fantastic: Mr. Fox

The Comptons 

My little boy turned 6 months yesterday, (the 28th) and it has been the best 6 months ever.  He has filled my heart with so much love and has filled my life with so much happiness and I know I will never be the same again.  When he wakes up in the morning he opens his big blue eyes and gives me the sweetest smile, and I know that it will be a great day no matter what, because he is here.  The first thing we do is look outside my bedroom window and his eyes get so big as he looks all around.  He loves to be outside....and no matter how hot it is.  It's so cool how I can see his personality forming everyday.
At 6 month checkup 16.2 lbs!
For some reason I have been obsessed with foxes lately, and I could think of nothing more perfect for his 6 month photoshoot than a baby fox theme.  My father-in-law of David Compton Photography, took them at his studio downtown, and just when I thought it wouldn't come together without a fox tail, (every fox needs his tail) David came to the rescue.  Me-"Man I meant to make him a fox tail to go with his fox hat. Mer." David-"You know what, hold on a minute..." He disappears into the depths of the studio (its a really big studio).  In a couple minutes, he comes back, looks around, grabs a sheet of paper, and disappears again.  I could not imagine what he needed that paper for, or what on earth he had at the studio that could look like a fox tail.  Finally he comes back with what I was sure was a real tail from a fox that he happened to catch out back and chop of its tail!  But he made it himself by wrapping old rabbits fur that had been used as part of a costume, pinned it around a sheet of paper we could bend, put a safely pin on the end and well, there you have it.  It was the perfect touch.
Cohen had a lot of fun at his first photoshoot.  I had brought a ton of other outfits for him to wear but he got so tired that we had to call it a day.  I can't wait to go back to take some more!

Here are more fox inspired things that I LOVE! :) 

For Cohen's library!

Very cute earrings

I need this ring, I love the emerald eyes.

Love this painting. It's so moody.
Cute pillow for Cohen's room
Again, cute for Cohen's room
Fantastic Fox Halloween Costume? 
Mrs. Bean's Famous Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps (from Fantastic Mr. Fox!) 
In our living room :)  A poster from a show we went to.
Ok, here is another one. Gah I love these! My little guy.

Yep, I'm pretty much in love with all of these things, thank you Pinterest and Etsy for having the most awesome stuff ever for me to drool over!
.....Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Sep 21, 2011

Lima Bean Love

LiMa BeAn BoWl

So I was using this large green, transparent bowl as my cooking scraps bowl (inspired by Rachael Ray, as she calls it, a "trash bowl") and one day I dropped it and it cracked a little on top.  This was the perfect excuse to give it a little makeover.  As absurd as it might sound, I grabbed the hot glue gun and begin glueing lima bean's straight from the bag onto the bowl.  Lets face it, I was never going to eat them anyway.  This is the result, and I love the way it looks in my kitchen!  I was going to paint it but I love the way the light shines through the empty spaces.  Obviously not dishwasher friendly but it's cuteness is worth it!  This was a lot of fun! and a lot of glueing!  Lima Bean something today,  spray paint or even make mosaic designs, its the easiest project ever :P
Spray your end result with clear gloss spray to protect! 

~~~Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Sep 17, 2011

Vintage Finds 1.

Baby Gap Greenwich Fox Hat,
Love, Nonna 
So September 16th was beautiful mainly because I got to spend it with Cameron.  Today was his off day and we hung out all day together.  Even though my phone decided to be in a coma half of the day,  I survived because Cam kept me smiling and laughing to the point of tears.  We were arguing about watching the movie Beaches in the near future, coming up with crazy ideas for movie shorts, and he was doing a very bad job of harmonizing while I sang every 1920's tune I could think of, (you know, the songs about finding peanuts, coming around the mountain, and skipping to lou's).  We took Cohen to the mall today and bought him a prize from Baby Gap.  I think I have accumulated the entire Baby Gap Greenwich Collection for him to wear this Fall down to the socks, but thats ok because it was all on sale.  The kid has to wear clothes doesn't he?   The day ended with us going to the Etowah Highschool Football game which was great!  It felt like Fall and it was one of those close games where it could go either way.  Both sides of the bleachers were full and you could feed off everyones energy.  I had the cliche, shouting, grizzly bear of a woman sitting behind me who was so loud I'm sure the referees could hear all of the trash she was talking to them.  We ended up scoring that last touchdown we needed to win and then the other team dropped the pass in the in-zone at the last second!   I thought it was funny that no matter how close the game was the announcer kept mentioning the concession stand's "fried Oreos", I will have to give those a try next time.

Now we are home and my beautiful little boy is fast asleep, but I am wide awake and wanting to do something productive.  I thought I would share some of my recent and most loved finds from the thrift store, yard sales, and antique stores , as well as a few projects I count as successful!          
1. Frame Family
So I had this huge wall to decorate and I thought that making a collage of frames would look pretty interesting.  But what kind of collage should it be?  Different color frames with all B&W photos, or same color frames equally spaced out? I couldn't decide how to go about it so I drew a picture of the console table they would be hanging above.  I chose to cluster them all together, and to use different frames of all sizes but all the same color.  The three tulip paintings hide scary triptych paintings that I bought from an antique store for 5 dollars for the set of three.  I knew I would paint over the canvas but couldn't beat the deal on the great old frames! They were wood, I painted them with Antique White paint.  I bought the other frames at Walmart for very cheap, around $3.00 each, and painted them the same ivory color.  I ran out of matt so used newspaper as a matt substitute.  It seemed like a good enough idea but seemed more brilliant when I placed the "funnies" section behind the photo of my Poppa's hands.  He loved reading the funnies :).  I wanted to have a mix of photo's with other meaningful prints, such as our wedding invitations.  The tulips are inspired by an artist named Norman Wyatt Jr. and his Roses I.  I could not afford a limited print so I painted my own flowers, which to me look more like tulips, my favorite.

2.  Thrift Store Art

Thrift stores are great.  You can find lots of broke, tacky, and outdated things that have great bones and can be reborn into custom accents perfectly suited for your needs.  For example, behold the ugliest sign ever.  The Welcome print was horrible but the frame was a rustic wood and in a great elongated scale that I loved!  I got some funny looks when I brought her home.  I didn't know what I was going to do at first, but I had tons of narrow walls in my kitchen where the blank spaces needed to be filled.  My kitchen is a light blue and I knew I wanted to use pops of sunny yellow shades as an accent color.  I took out the Welcome print, turned it over, and painted it with yellow acrylic paint.  I used black acrylic paint and painted flowers on the glass.  This was a quick fix, but in the future if I want to use the frame for something else, I can easily scratch off the paint and toss the paper.  I loved the end result, and the pop of yellow is such a cheerful touch to the kitchen!

The Fix. 

All done! A new life!

3. The Perfect Yard Sale Stop
How cool is this?  Every August, The longest yard in the world sale starts a few minutes away from my house.  It begins on US Highway 127 and the Lookout Mountain Parkway from Gadsden, Al., goes to Covington, Ky., and passes through parts of north Georgia and east Tennessee. I made my first stop and found just what I needed.  A mobile for Cohen's crib.  I had been looking for the perfect one, it needed to be either classic Winnie the Pooh or something very natural and woodsy to fit in with his room.  This is what I left with!
Classic and the perfect fit,  I had never seen anything like these while searching online.  It plays a sweet lullaby too!
They threw in curtains and two pictures to match, got it all for $10.00.  That is a good feeling :)

4. Antique Store Finds
When I go to an antique store, I usually limit myself to one thing, which is hard, but its usually something I fall in love with as soon as I see it.  And if I can't even begin to afford it, (usually meaning it's over $20.00, haha) I will just stare at it, and maybe even still think about it now (pink crystal cake stand, I am talking about you...)  
Medalion from SheJ's Antiques and Collectables.
Yellow pot from The Cozy Nest

Love these :)  Thrift store.

Old iron table top from The Cozy Nest

As far as bringing items into your home, I hope this inspires you to give things a closer look, an open mind,  and a little love.  You will end up with something that only you could have created, and that is a special thing.
Faith, love, and pixie dust!

"Cher's main thrill in life is  a makeover, it gives her a sense of control in a world of chaos."

Sep 13, 2011

Sweet Vintage Banners (DIY)

Somehow, in my wildest dreams, I ended up living in walking distance from a downtown area full of great antique stores and consignment shops.  This is wonderful but also dangerous at the same time, because one of my favorite things is looking around these stores and trying to find a cool photography prop or something awesome for the house.  My rule on decorating with antiques is to mix them with new  and handmade stuff.  This keeps your house looking the most interesting in my opinion.  Too many old antiques and it looks like your house is haunted, and just new stuff can be really boring.  It's all about balance!  For example, I love the idea of sitting our shiny sleek iMac on an old beat up desk with tons of character and pretty new hardware.

While walking around the shops I am usually obsessed with the huge ceramic jugs and pitchers that are oh so expensive, and drawn to primitive furniture and old books.  Last time I went to Antique Road, as it is locally referred as, I was drooling over these cute vintage banners made from burlap and jute with numbers written on each of the triangles.  It looked like something that I could tackle, and learning to make them would be smart because they can be used for so many things; photography props, showers, weddings, seasonal decorating, parties, and so much more.  I googled "burlap banner" and found a ton of great examples from other Do-It-Yourselfers.

So this is what I used:  Burlap, Tulip Fabric Paint in Matte White and Matte Black, Jute, Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks, small paintbrush, card stock, and some good sharp scissors.  I started by ordering burlap from Amazon, that was the cheapest place I found.  I picked up the jute and fabric paint from Hobby Lobby.  I already had everything else so I was ready to begin!  I decided to make two today, one for my Aunt's new bakery business, Lindy-Lou's,  and one for my Uncle's new music store, Tannehill Strings.  I wanted my Aunts banner to say "sweets" and my Uncle's to say "PLAY" with a music note at the end.  I opened a Word file and chose the fonts I wanted.  I fitted as many letters as I could to a page and printed them.  I also wanted to make Cohen one for his photoshoot that said his name, however the font I chose ended up being too large so I will have to reprint and try that one tomorrow.  Here are the steps!

I used some old thin cardboard I had, and made the triangle 8 inches long, then I cut the burlap using the pattern, leaving some extra room on top to fold over the jute.

I carefully cut out the letters, then traced them on card stock, then cut the letter out of the card stock, this made a great and sturdy DYI stencil.

I found a good center spot on the triangle and applied the fabric paint.

Learn from my mistake, use a pencil, not a pen to trace your stencil.  The pen might leak bleed ink!

Cohen played in his bouncy seat while I worked :)

Cut jute to the length you need, then add a strip of hot glue and wrap excess burlap around it.  I spaced my letters an inch apart.

The finished product, Hopefully my Aunt will love it as much as I do!

Roll Tide! (made for Mom and Tony)
For Cohen's Room :) I am so using this in a shoot.

For my Uncle's music store.

I also want to make the"Roll Tide" for our house, I must say, it looks pretty sweet on the fireplace!

Until next time, faith, trust, and pixie dust!