Sep 30, 2011

Celery Rose

When we moved into our house last Spring, we did a small re-vamp on the hall bathroom.  The linoleum was in pretty bad shape and it needed a bright new coat of paint and trim to give it a fresh look, until we can afford to do the major renovations.  So we removed the old linoleum and put down large black and white tiles, in the checkerboard pattern.  We painted it with Valspar's "Beach Towel" (a bright and refreshing sea foam green kind of color) and trimmed it in Antique White that matched the rest of the trim in the house.  I love how clean and bright the bathroom looks with the white shower curtain and cabinet.  I needed to add something on the wall above the cabinet to make it look complete, and I knew that the 2 small canvases I've had in my craft drawer forever, would finally fulfill their destiny's!

I wanted to test out a celery stamp trick I found on Pinterest.
See the pretty rose?

 For this very cheap and very easy project, all I needed was one package of celery, paint, canvas, jute, and my hot glue gun!  I already used up all of the celery except for the end part that I saved for this project.  Here are the steps!  

I painted both canvases Antique White to match the trim of the bathroom.  Then, off the subject, but I took the excess paint on the brush and painted over some baseboards that needed touching up!  No need to waste good paint..

I first took the end part of the celery, and picked off any excess stalks that would take away from the rose shape I was going for.  Then, I dried off the freshly cut edges to a paper towel to dry.  I dipped it in black acrylic paint and rubbed against the paint tray to remove excess paint. 

I pressed it down on the damp canvas, ( I wanted my edges to have a messy, distressed effect) and begin making layers of roses. 

I stamped both at the same time so they would go well together side by side on the wall.

I let it dry over-night and then I just added a jute hanger on both with a hot glue gun so I could hang them from a nail.  I thought that would be a nice alternative since I didn't have extra frames that fit.  

I also played around with the stamp on a piece of scrapbook paper to see what a bouquet would look like.  I used a single celery stalk end to make leaves on the stems, which I also used with a single stalk.  I thought it was pretty but I'm not sure what to do with it right now!  I will just save it for a day when I might find a cheap thrift store frame to fit.  

I hung them side by side in the bathroom.

Love!!  This was lots of fun and inspired me to try other unusual stamp ideas.  I'm thinking #2 pencil erasers, close pin ends, empty toilet paper rolls, rope, picks.....oh the possibilities!

 Until next time, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!