Sep 13, 2011

Sweet Vintage Banners (DIY)

Somehow, in my wildest dreams, I ended up living in walking distance from a downtown area full of great antique stores and consignment shops.  This is wonderful but also dangerous at the same time, because one of my favorite things is looking around these stores and trying to find a cool photography prop or something awesome for the house.  My rule on decorating with antiques is to mix them with new  and handmade stuff.  This keeps your house looking the most interesting in my opinion.  Too many old antiques and it looks like your house is haunted, and just new stuff can be really boring.  It's all about balance!  For example, I love the idea of sitting our shiny sleek iMac on an old beat up desk with tons of character and pretty new hardware.

While walking around the shops I am usually obsessed with the huge ceramic jugs and pitchers that are oh so expensive, and drawn to primitive furniture and old books.  Last time I went to Antique Road, as it is locally referred as, I was drooling over these cute vintage banners made from burlap and jute with numbers written on each of the triangles.  It looked like something that I could tackle, and learning to make them would be smart because they can be used for so many things; photography props, showers, weddings, seasonal decorating, parties, and so much more.  I googled "burlap banner" and found a ton of great examples from other Do-It-Yourselfers.

So this is what I used:  Burlap, Tulip Fabric Paint in Matte White and Matte Black, Jute, Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks, small paintbrush, card stock, and some good sharp scissors.  I started by ordering burlap from Amazon, that was the cheapest place I found.  I picked up the jute and fabric paint from Hobby Lobby.  I already had everything else so I was ready to begin!  I decided to make two today, one for my Aunt's new bakery business, Lindy-Lou's,  and one for my Uncle's new music store, Tannehill Strings.  I wanted my Aunts banner to say "sweets" and my Uncle's to say "PLAY" with a music note at the end.  I opened a Word file and chose the fonts I wanted.  I fitted as many letters as I could to a page and printed them.  I also wanted to make Cohen one for his photoshoot that said his name, however the font I chose ended up being too large so I will have to reprint and try that one tomorrow.  Here are the steps!

I used some old thin cardboard I had, and made the triangle 8 inches long, then I cut the burlap using the pattern, leaving some extra room on top to fold over the jute.

I carefully cut out the letters, then traced them on card stock, then cut the letter out of the card stock, this made a great and sturdy DYI stencil.

I found a good center spot on the triangle and applied the fabric paint.

Learn from my mistake, use a pencil, not a pen to trace your stencil.  The pen might leak bleed ink!

Cohen played in his bouncy seat while I worked :)

Cut jute to the length you need, then add a strip of hot glue and wrap excess burlap around it.  I spaced my letters an inch apart.

The finished product, Hopefully my Aunt will love it as much as I do!

Roll Tide! (made for Mom and Tony)
For Cohen's Room :) I am so using this in a shoot.

For my Uncle's music store.

I also want to make the"Roll Tide" for our house, I must say, it looks pretty sweet on the fireplace!

Until next time, faith, trust, and pixie dust!

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