Sep 17, 2011

Vintage Finds 1.

Baby Gap Greenwich Fox Hat,
Love, Nonna 
So September 16th was beautiful mainly because I got to spend it with Cameron.  Today was his off day and we hung out all day together.  Even though my phone decided to be in a coma half of the day,  I survived because Cam kept me smiling and laughing to the point of tears.  We were arguing about watching the movie Beaches in the near future, coming up with crazy ideas for movie shorts, and he was doing a very bad job of harmonizing while I sang every 1920's tune I could think of, (you know, the songs about finding peanuts, coming around the mountain, and skipping to lou's).  We took Cohen to the mall today and bought him a prize from Baby Gap.  I think I have accumulated the entire Baby Gap Greenwich Collection for him to wear this Fall down to the socks, but thats ok because it was all on sale.  The kid has to wear clothes doesn't he?   The day ended with us going to the Etowah Highschool Football game which was great!  It felt like Fall and it was one of those close games where it could go either way.  Both sides of the bleachers were full and you could feed off everyones energy.  I had the cliche, shouting, grizzly bear of a woman sitting behind me who was so loud I'm sure the referees could hear all of the trash she was talking to them.  We ended up scoring that last touchdown we needed to win and then the other team dropped the pass in the in-zone at the last second!   I thought it was funny that no matter how close the game was the announcer kept mentioning the concession stand's "fried Oreos", I will have to give those a try next time.

Now we are home and my beautiful little boy is fast asleep, but I am wide awake and wanting to do something productive.  I thought I would share some of my recent and most loved finds from the thrift store, yard sales, and antique stores , as well as a few projects I count as successful!          
1. Frame Family
So I had this huge wall to decorate and I thought that making a collage of frames would look pretty interesting.  But what kind of collage should it be?  Different color frames with all B&W photos, or same color frames equally spaced out? I couldn't decide how to go about it so I drew a picture of the console table they would be hanging above.  I chose to cluster them all together, and to use different frames of all sizes but all the same color.  The three tulip paintings hide scary triptych paintings that I bought from an antique store for 5 dollars for the set of three.  I knew I would paint over the canvas but couldn't beat the deal on the great old frames! They were wood, I painted them with Antique White paint.  I bought the other frames at Walmart for very cheap, around $3.00 each, and painted them the same ivory color.  I ran out of matt so used newspaper as a matt substitute.  It seemed like a good enough idea but seemed more brilliant when I placed the "funnies" section behind the photo of my Poppa's hands.  He loved reading the funnies :).  I wanted to have a mix of photo's with other meaningful prints, such as our wedding invitations.  The tulips are inspired by an artist named Norman Wyatt Jr. and his Roses I.  I could not afford a limited print so I painted my own flowers, which to me look more like tulips, my favorite.

2.  Thrift Store Art

Thrift stores are great.  You can find lots of broke, tacky, and outdated things that have great bones and can be reborn into custom accents perfectly suited for your needs.  For example, behold the ugliest sign ever.  The Welcome print was horrible but the frame was a rustic wood and in a great elongated scale that I loved!  I got some funny looks when I brought her home.  I didn't know what I was going to do at first, but I had tons of narrow walls in my kitchen where the blank spaces needed to be filled.  My kitchen is a light blue and I knew I wanted to use pops of sunny yellow shades as an accent color.  I took out the Welcome print, turned it over, and painted it with yellow acrylic paint.  I used black acrylic paint and painted flowers on the glass.  This was a quick fix, but in the future if I want to use the frame for something else, I can easily scratch off the paint and toss the paper.  I loved the end result, and the pop of yellow is such a cheerful touch to the kitchen!

The Fix. 

All done! A new life!

3. The Perfect Yard Sale Stop
How cool is this?  Every August, The longest yard in the world sale starts a few minutes away from my house.  It begins on US Highway 127 and the Lookout Mountain Parkway from Gadsden, Al., goes to Covington, Ky., and passes through parts of north Georgia and east Tennessee. I made my first stop and found just what I needed.  A mobile for Cohen's crib.  I had been looking for the perfect one, it needed to be either classic Winnie the Pooh or something very natural and woodsy to fit in with his room.  This is what I left with!
Classic and the perfect fit,  I had never seen anything like these while searching online.  It plays a sweet lullaby too!
They threw in curtains and two pictures to match, got it all for $10.00.  That is a good feeling :)

4. Antique Store Finds
When I go to an antique store, I usually limit myself to one thing, which is hard, but its usually something I fall in love with as soon as I see it.  And if I can't even begin to afford it, (usually meaning it's over $20.00, haha) I will just stare at it, and maybe even still think about it now (pink crystal cake stand, I am talking about you...)  
Medalion from SheJ's Antiques and Collectables.
Yellow pot from The Cozy Nest

Love these :)  Thrift store.

Old iron table top from The Cozy Nest

As far as bringing items into your home, I hope this inspires you to give things a closer look, an open mind,  and a little love.  You will end up with something that only you could have created, and that is a special thing.
Faith, love, and pixie dust!

"Cher's main thrill in life is  a makeover, it gives her a sense of control in a world of chaos."

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