Oct 29, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is November 4th!  And the only good thing about turning another year older is getting presents :) So if you are laying awake wondering what to get me I have prepared a list that will be compatible with any budget!  Actually, this was just a fun excuse to compile pictures of all of my wants in one place and stare at them.  These things make me happy!

Looking forward to getting all of these things next week.  Awe I'm just kidding, but not really, no for real, just a happy birthday post of Facebook will be great!  (this is mostly just a basic hint list for the husband!) Well,  I'm off to Nashville with my family to shoot a wedding.  Have a great weekend everyone and a Happy Halloween!

Faith, Love, and Pixie Dust.

P.S.  I really wish Halloween was still celebrated like it was in this movie.  Not trunk or treating at 4PM in a church parking lot.  Oh well.

Oct 27, 2011

Fall Wreaths

I was really excited about making my first wreaths.  I haven't seen a ready made one in a store that I liked, but saw plenty of cute handmade ones online.  I was excited about making them just the way I wanted, and it seemed easy enough!  I went to the local craft store and to my surprise, all Fall and Halloween decor was 40% off.  The fabric was all 30% off, and floral was 40% off as well.  I also downloaded a coupon for 40% off any one item not on sale.  I ended up spending about $50 for my supplies for the two wreaths I planned to make, not bad compared to the generic $75 dollar wreath they were selling.  I got a round corn husk wreath, only because they were out of the styrofoam ones, and a branch sunburst wreath.  Then, I had fun walking through the isles and grabbing fun accents for them.  Here they are! (With a few easy directions.)

Fall Sunburst Wreath

Golden Orange Glitter will stick in conservative amounts right after you spray some gloss coating.  Perfect for a subtle sparkle.

I removed the golden large golden ornaments from these decorative branches and stuck them into the branches with some hot glue on the end.  I tucked the end under the branches and then spread it out to look more natural.

I hot glued the golden ornaments that I applied glitter too, they had been drying outside. 

Hung them on some old shutters with jute and put above our fireplace.  Our living room looked more seasonal instantly!  Orange and silver sparkle, gold accents, and natural wood look great from Halloween to Thanksgiving. 

 Love this!  Now it looks a little more like Fall in our house.  Wow, this is crooked, I need to go fix it real quick!

Fall/Halloween Monogram Wreath

I painted a wooden C black and let it dry.

I took a yard of fabric and cut it into 2 inch strips.  After removing the plastic from the corn husk wreath, I wrapped the fabric strips around it using hot glue.

Then I started to glue on my accents.  I started with scraps of burlap and then added the pumpkin, letter C, feather balls, and fabric roses made of houndstooth fabric and burlap.  Finally I added some long black feathers where I thought it needed it. I used some houndstooth fabric to make a bow to attach to the door hanger and then I was done! Or so I thought.
Here is the first pic I took, but then decided it didn't look very balanced so I took it down and redesigned it by putting more of the accents around the C on the right where there wasn't any.

Here is is! Much better!

I love it!

Happy Fall!  Love, the Comptons!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Oct 21, 2011

Vintage Buttons

I found some vintage buttons on Antique Road that were so sweet.  They came in the original packaging with old wire holding them in place so I knew they were real antiques.  Each button pack was a dollar a piece!  I got a few and knew that I could make some cute hair pins, so I got some that would go with a lot of things I wear.  This was so easy, but I will tell you how I did mine anyway, it worked great!

You will need: Buttons, needle and thread, super glue or liquid nails, and bobby pins (or snap clips)

I started with a little glue on the back of the button and then stuck it on the front of the bobby pin.
Let them dry...
Play with baby...

Sew some colorful thread and knot in back, for extra bracing and to add more color.

My favorites.

Gwen in green.

I think these are so cute, and it inspired me to make all kinds of other hair accessories.  When you can make it just how you like it, and for under five bucks, it's a pretty good day!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.

Oct 20, 2011

Workout Playlist!

From Friends, "The One where Pheobe runs"  She was probably listening to "Animal", by the Neon Trees.  

I have been going to the gym almost everyday since the beginning of summer, and I feel like it is a habit that I could never break now.  It was hard at first but now that I am into a routine I feel horrible if I don't go!  Being healthy is very important to me now and I don't want all of my hard work to go to waste.  I need the energy I get from working out, and eating right helps to.  I can finally start seeing the fruits of my labor in the mirror which is very rewarding.  My Mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, and me have made exercising, eating healthy, and juicing apart of our lifestyle, and doing that is so much better than any kind of diet.  Also, their support everyday helps a lot!  We joined a gym and do a variety of group classes and cardio and weight-lifting.

While doing cardio I like to mix it up by jogging, running, and walking on an incline.  Other wise I would get too bored, or tire out to quickly.  Remember, I haven't been doing the running thing long.  In fact I have always hated it and would prefer the elliptical, stairs, or bike.  But recently I have really enjoyed running,  and I must say, purchasing the right workout clothes...(sports bra) is another contributing factor.  I do have a jogger stroller and it works great for taking Cohen on walks, but I am a "indoorsy" kind of runner.  How can you beat fans to cool you off, and mirrors surrounding your every flaw for motivation?  Good headphones, bottle of water, and headband are accessories I could never live without.  I like being in control of the terrain as well.  I don't have to run up a mountain if I just don't have it in me at the moment.  Also there wouldn't be Sadie Compton's treadmill right beside with her speed and incline set always at least a point higher than mine.  She does that for competition motivation,  I don't mind because it motivates me too.

Music motivates me more than anything.  If I forget my headphones, I might as well stick to weight lifting for the day.  The gym is no time for your music snob playlist, or your sob playlist.   Choose whatever is fun and makes you want to dance, or makes you want to take out all of your anger on the treadmill. Here is just some of the songs on my workout playlist that really helps me get through.  Below, I put down what songs help with what I am trying to do.

1. I get on the treadmill and feel motivated, but want to pace my self to run for longer than 10 minutes.  "Waste" by Foster the People.  It's light, happy and upbeat, with a perfect beat to maintain a fast pace walk to a slight incline.

2. So, today I crawl onto the treadmill and am completely unmotivated- "Welcome Home, Son" by Radical Face.  Why it works for me?  It has a powerful drive and uplifting tone.  Positive lyrics, and full ethereal sound makes me want to take off in flight!

3.  For me, walking on inclines requires some steady and intense beats.  The angrier the better too!  Perfect for something like "Heartless" by Kanye West or "Sink Into Me" by Taking Back Sunday.  I like to transition from incline to run with something like "Simple Math" by Manchestor Orchestra.  Any intense song that builds as it plays and then explodes into something even more powerful does the same for my endurance.  "You and I" by Lady Gaga is another good one.

4. For a jogging pace I have to go with Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" or "Just Dance." Any song that talks about running and dancing, is kinda perfect haha.  "Bottoms Up" by "Trey Songz" and"Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem work really good too.

5.  Finally, these are my favorites on the workout playlist because they can carry me for the whole song and I can run my heart out to these.
 "Pensacola" by Manchester Orchestra is driving, upbeat, fast and exhilarating.
 "Animal" by Neon Trees is fun, re-charging and wild, and will make you want to run like Pheobe in       Friends.
 "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga, again she mentions running in this song, totally appropriate.
 "MakeDamSure" by Taking Back Sunday, builds up to a intense pace that you can soar too.
 "Lose Yourself" by Eminem is angry, emotional and motivating, in that crazy angry Eminem sort of way..
 "Super Base" by Nicki Minaj is so great and fun to run to that I save it for last, it picks me back up when I'm at my most tired!

I save the best songs for when I want to run so fast that I think my legs will give out, and it's these moments when I feel the high from running.   I feel weightless as I run as fast as I can, forgetting where I am and getting lost in the moment of feeling healthy, happy, and free.  This can only be ruined by a phone call in which the song would shut off and my body would give out.  SO this is why a great workout playlist is so important to me.  I hope comes of these songs help with your workout,  I'm off to the gym!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.

Oct 15, 2011

The Compton's:Saturday to Saturday

The Fall is my favorite time of year.  How can any other season compete with Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, A LOT of birthdays (me, my sis, my bro, my husband, my dad, and a whole lot of other people I love!), the weather, the leaves, the BOOTS and scarves, Twilight premiers, haunted houses, not having to be tan, dyeing our hair darker (medium copper brown crew), hot chocolate, apple cider, warm and coziness  and general wonderfulness of it all.

We had a perfect week, filled with so much Fall goodness.  It started October 8th with Cameron's birthday.  We went to the Alabama Homecoming game against Vanderbilt (Did I mention it was my first Bama/college game ever!?)  It was amazing and I am so happy my husband got a Bama win for his birthday!

Roll Tide!

Me and my baby, Birthday boy!

The guys!

Monday started with an email saying that my new iPhone4S was in the mail, and I was so excited for Friday to come when I would get it.  Then, my sister-in-law Carlie and her fiancĂ©, set the date for her wedding and I get to be a bridesmaid! Those guys in the pic above are all in the wedding party too!  I am so happy for her and excited to help with the planning.  On tuesday I found a great pair of nude heels for $9.99 while shopping for bridesmaid dresses!  I wore them on a birthday date with Cameron that night.  Whenever he picks a place to go out to eat, it is always Kobe Japanese Steak House.  It was so good as always, and as always, the fortune cookie message was ridiculous.

Sorry for the blur, this was taken before my new phone with the better camera came! It says"Next summer, you will dance to a different beat."  Try to imagine the bewildered look on my face when I read this.
 Wednesday I had a Big Mac for the first time ever.  No comment.  Wednesday night was spent drinking sparkling grape juice and talking wedding details while the boys went  to go see Real Steel.  I did not mind missing that one.

Thursday Cameron was off work and we all got to spend the day together!   We laid out in the yard for a while enjoying the perfect Fall weather.  Cohen finally grew into his shades and didn't even try and take them off!  I think he appreciated them keeping the sun out of his eyes :)  Daddy and him where playing their guitars together.

                           First tooth is coming in!  His new toy helps those gums feel better!

My sister Katelyn's birthday was on Monday.  She came up to visit and we took her out for her birthday.  It is not so easy taking Cohen out to dinner anymore because his goal is to throw things off the table at all times!

Aunt Kate hanging out with Cohen Friday Morning.  I love his new beanie!

 Friday I went to lunch with my old friend from college, Christy, and we hadn't seen each other since my wedding!  I had so much fun catching up, we can always pick up where we left off! Friday was Nathan's birthday and we went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate!  That night it was packed with high school kids dressed in camo, I guess it was a Homecoming thing but I'm sure the regular old timers at Cracker Barrel were thrilled that their trusty old country store was full of loud teenagers and our party, who pretty much screamed the Happy Birthday song.

Did I mention my phone came in Friday!! 

Saturday my Mom came to visit me and we went to Heritage day, a festival Attalla has every Fall.  It started at 7:00 AM and since its a couple blocks from my house, I woke up to some guy singing "I know a guy who could really do the cool jerk!" 
This song reminds me of home alone.
It was my second time going and Cohen's first.  We were sad Cam had to miss it!  I was excited for funnel cakes, fresh squeezed lemonade, and all the other questionably prepared but delicious foods usually at festivals like that.  And yes, I felt sick at the end of the day haha.  Me and Mom walked Cohen downtown and then met up everybody.  I got some great antiques from The Cozy Nest, and got to hold a baby turtle!  Cohen got a lot of compliments on his "Oliver Twist" hat, he seemed to have a great time.

Photo's from Attalla AL, Heritage Day 2011

Potato twisty chips.



4th Street

Our cook.

The Motes's.

Nonna and Cohen

Nonna and Nanna

Sydney, Jon, and Dobby.

Walking home after a long Day!

Faith Trust, and Pixie Dust!