Oct 29, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is November 4th!  And the only good thing about turning another year older is getting presents :) So if you are laying awake wondering what to get me I have prepared a list that will be compatible with any budget!  Actually, this was just a fun excuse to compile pictures of all of my wants in one place and stare at them.  These things make me happy!

Looking forward to getting all of these things next week.  Awe I'm just kidding, but not really, no for real, just a happy birthday post of Facebook will be great!  (this is mostly just a basic hint list for the husband!) Well,  I'm off to Nashville with my family to shoot a wedding.  Have a great weekend everyone and a Happy Halloween!

Faith, Love, and Pixie Dust.

P.S.  I really wish Halloween was still celebrated like it was in this movie.  Not trunk or treating at 4PM in a church parking lot.  Oh well.

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