Oct 15, 2011

The Compton's:Saturday to Saturday

The Fall is my favorite time of year.  How can any other season compete with Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, A LOT of birthdays (me, my sis, my bro, my husband, my dad, and a whole lot of other people I love!), the weather, the leaves, the BOOTS and scarves, Twilight premiers, haunted houses, not having to be tan, dyeing our hair darker (medium copper brown crew), hot chocolate, apple cider, warm and coziness  and general wonderfulness of it all.

We had a perfect week, filled with so much Fall goodness.  It started October 8th with Cameron's birthday.  We went to the Alabama Homecoming game against Vanderbilt (Did I mention it was my first Bama/college game ever!?)  It was amazing and I am so happy my husband got a Bama win for his birthday!

Roll Tide!

Me and my baby, Birthday boy!

The guys!

Monday started with an email saying that my new iPhone4S was in the mail, and I was so excited for Friday to come when I would get it.  Then, my sister-in-law Carlie and her fianc√©, set the date for her wedding and I get to be a bridesmaid! Those guys in the pic above are all in the wedding party too!  I am so happy for her and excited to help with the planning.  On tuesday I found a great pair of nude heels for $9.99 while shopping for bridesmaid dresses!  I wore them on a birthday date with Cameron that night.  Whenever he picks a place to go out to eat, it is always Kobe Japanese Steak House.  It was so good as always, and as always, the fortune cookie message was ridiculous.

Sorry for the blur, this was taken before my new phone with the better camera came! It says"Next summer, you will dance to a different beat."  Try to imagine the bewildered look on my face when I read this.
 Wednesday I had a Big Mac for the first time ever.  No comment.  Wednesday night was spent drinking sparkling grape juice and talking wedding details while the boys went  to go see Real Steel.  I did not mind missing that one.

Thursday Cameron was off work and we all got to spend the day together!   We laid out in the yard for a while enjoying the perfect Fall weather.  Cohen finally grew into his shades and didn't even try and take them off!  I think he appreciated them keeping the sun out of his eyes :)  Daddy and him where playing their guitars together.

                           First tooth is coming in!  His new toy helps those gums feel better!

My sister Katelyn's birthday was on Monday.  She came up to visit and we took her out for her birthday.  It is not so easy taking Cohen out to dinner anymore because his goal is to throw things off the table at all times!

Aunt Kate hanging out with Cohen Friday Morning.  I love his new beanie!

 Friday I went to lunch with my old friend from college, Christy, and we hadn't seen each other since my wedding!  I had so much fun catching up, we can always pick up where we left off! Friday was Nathan's birthday and we went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate!  That night it was packed with high school kids dressed in camo, I guess it was a Homecoming thing but I'm sure the regular old timers at Cracker Barrel were thrilled that their trusty old country store was full of loud teenagers and our party, who pretty much screamed the Happy Birthday song.

Did I mention my phone came in Friday!! 

Saturday my Mom came to visit me and we went to Heritage day, a festival Attalla has every Fall.  It started at 7:00 AM and since its a couple blocks from my house, I woke up to some guy singing "I know a guy who could really do the cool jerk!" 
This song reminds me of home alone.
It was my second time going and Cohen's first.  We were sad Cam had to miss it!  I was excited for funnel cakes, fresh squeezed lemonade, and all the other questionably prepared but delicious foods usually at festivals like that.  And yes, I felt sick at the end of the day haha.  Me and Mom walked Cohen downtown and then met up everybody.  I got some great antiques from The Cozy Nest, and got to hold a baby turtle!  Cohen got a lot of compliments on his "Oliver Twist" hat, he seemed to have a great time.

Photo's from Attalla AL, Heritage Day 2011

Potato twisty chips.



4th Street

Our cook.

The Motes's.

Nonna and Cohen

Nonna and Nanna

Sydney, Jon, and Dobby.

Walking home after a long Day!

Faith Trust, and Pixie Dust!

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