Oct 12, 2011

Door Knob Photo Holders

I feel I got lucky, because my 1940's home has most of the original doors and door knobs still intact and in great shape!  Well, they are in more of  a shabby state but to me that is great!  They doors are solid and full of character with cute glass knobs with brass hardware.  I love them!  While browsing the antique stores I noticed the same knobs selling for $12.00 and up.  The day we moved into our house I spotted a door knob set, both attached, sitting ever so desperatly on the kitchen window ledge outside. YAY!  I grabbed them and put them up for a rainy day craft.  They make great accents to many projects, but me being the photo lover that I am, decided they would make perfect picture holders!

When I was in high school my room was decorated so crazy.  I had bright purple walls with a leopard border, leopard bedding, and a nice zebra carpet to match...I also had collages in all shapes and sizes full of photos and magazine clippings, birthday cards and other memorable papers.  It was while reminiscing of my teenage room when i remembered the photo holders that inspired this door knob project.  I had these three photo holders, a pink, blue, and purple triangle, all filled with glitter and a wire with a clip on the end to hold my photos.  This is the closest image I could find that resembled my old ones.

Mine had glitter, much much cuter haha.  
So lets take this idea and give it a more mature makeover.  Pretty door knobs it is time for a second chance at life!  No more exposure to the elements while growing cobwebs outside on a window ledge, these babies are going to be re-purposed and put on display.

Heat up that glue gun. " Hello old friend."

You will need: Heavy Duty Scissors, Doorknobs, wire, nail polish, and hot glue gun.
Cut wire to desired length.  I had two door knobs and wanted one to be taller than the other, so I made a short wire and a long wire.  Keep in mind you want to wind them around twice on the bottom.

Take one end of the wire and wrap it three times around a nail polish neck to give it a spiral shape.

 Twist the wire to cross over the spiral to make a tight spot for the picture to fit into.

Tightly wrap the other end around the neck of the doorknob twice.

Then remove and add some glue on the back side, just to help it stay better. 

On a side note, Essie in Forever Yummy is the perfect crimson color to show your Bama love.   Roll Tide!

Place back on and secure by holding it down for 15 seconds.

Love Essie :)

Twist and turn your wires to the desired shape, I liked mine kind of whimsy and twirly.

Add some of your favorite photos and show them off.

Cohen's newborn feet, and one of our engagement pics from our wedding.  

I might swap out these for some ancestor pics when I find some,  I think they will go with the vintage concept better.

So glad I could fill some more space on this big cabinet shelf.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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