Oct 27, 2011

Fall Wreaths

I was really excited about making my first wreaths.  I haven't seen a ready made one in a store that I liked, but saw plenty of cute handmade ones online.  I was excited about making them just the way I wanted, and it seemed easy enough!  I went to the local craft store and to my surprise, all Fall and Halloween decor was 40% off.  The fabric was all 30% off, and floral was 40% off as well.  I also downloaded a coupon for 40% off any one item not on sale.  I ended up spending about $50 for my supplies for the two wreaths I planned to make, not bad compared to the generic $75 dollar wreath they were selling.  I got a round corn husk wreath, only because they were out of the styrofoam ones, and a branch sunburst wreath.  Then, I had fun walking through the isles and grabbing fun accents for them.  Here they are! (With a few easy directions.)

Fall Sunburst Wreath

Golden Orange Glitter will stick in conservative amounts right after you spray some gloss coating.  Perfect for a subtle sparkle.

I removed the golden large golden ornaments from these decorative branches and stuck them into the branches with some hot glue on the end.  I tucked the end under the branches and then spread it out to look more natural.

I hot glued the golden ornaments that I applied glitter too, they had been drying outside. 

Hung them on some old shutters with jute and put above our fireplace.  Our living room looked more seasonal instantly!  Orange and silver sparkle, gold accents, and natural wood look great from Halloween to Thanksgiving. 

 Love this!  Now it looks a little more like Fall in our house.  Wow, this is crooked, I need to go fix it real quick!

Fall/Halloween Monogram Wreath

I painted a wooden C black and let it dry.

I took a yard of fabric and cut it into 2 inch strips.  After removing the plastic from the corn husk wreath, I wrapped the fabric strips around it using hot glue.

Then I started to glue on my accents.  I started with scraps of burlap and then added the pumpkin, letter C, feather balls, and fabric roses made of houndstooth fabric and burlap.  Finally I added some long black feathers where I thought it needed it. I used some houndstooth fabric to make a bow to attach to the door hanger and then I was done! Or so I thought.
Here is the first pic I took, but then decided it didn't look very balanced so I took it down and redesigned it by putting more of the accents around the C on the right where there wasn't any.

Here is is! Much better!

I love it!

Happy Fall!  Love, the Comptons!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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