Nov 27, 2011

I'll Be Your Secret Santa CONTEST!

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!  Now its time to get in the Christmas spirit and I am dying to try some fun Christmas crafts.  I can't wait to start some fun DIY projects that will make my house look more festive and I would love to not only make them for me, but for you!  So here is the contest:   Leave me a comment with a link of the gift you would like for me to make you!  On December 15th I will pick a winner and they will receive their handpicked handmade gift!  Example, if you are browsing Pinterest or Stumble Upon a craft you like/want/need simply write me a comment below and include the link!  Here are the rules!

1. Must leave comment on blog or Facebook page with link by December 15th!
2.  Must be a follower of this blog, or like this page on Facebook! (easy)
3.  Be creative and nice :)

For extra entries,
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Good luck and I can't wait to see your ideas!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Nov 17, 2011

Rag Rug Stools

Rag Rug Bar Stools
 When I am not watching Seseme Street, Little Einsteins, or Spongebob (yes Cohen loves Spongebob) I am watching HGTV.  Dear Genevieve with Genevieve Gorder is my absolute favorite!  She was a judge on this season's HGTV Design Star, and as I watched her give advice to the contestants and critique their work, I listened hard because I love her design eye.   One night on the show, a contestant named Kelly turned some everyday bar stools into the cutest ones I ever seen, and it looked so easy!  She found some rag rugs and stapled them to the top of the stool!  Well last night I made my very own!  Cameron and I love the way they add color to the kitchen!  I really think that every room needs pattern somewhere, and our kitchen thus far has had none!  That can make rooms look kind of cold.  Rugs, curtains, and dishtowels are obvious ways to add some texture and pattern but this is yet another way! I have a very cool black and white chevron rug on its way to go under the kitchen table, and am considering making my own curtains for the "dining room area".  All thats left (haha understatement) is cabinet hardware, our bar on our island, and a backsplash, and it should be complete!   But all this takes money, so I have to tell myself, baby steps.  However, when you can make some of the things yourself, you can make it come together a lot quicker!  By the way, Genevieve loved these!!

Here is how I did it!

You need a stool, that can hold staples.  We bought a pair of these these almost two years for our first apartment!

Get a rag rug anywhere, I found this one from Urban Outfitters.  It is a 3x5.  This is the perfect amount for two stools. 

I placed one side of the rug on top of the stool, streched it underneath until it was taut,  and used an electric staple gun with  5/16 (8mm) staples to staple it in place.  I cut around the lets where needed and cute the excess fabric off.  Then I used what was left to do the other!  Very simple, but takes some technique around the legs.  A hot glue gun would be helpful in some of the tricky places, but mine worked out fine.

Finished upside down view.  Stand them upright and trim any excess strings .  They are ready to use!

Lots to clean up, but the left over rags, unraveled to the left, will make a great future project!

The pair!

Faith Love, and Pixie Dust!

Nov 9, 2011

Rosy Lamp

I LOVE THIS LAMP!! It looks so pretty in our bedroom.  I got the base from my Mom and it has been without a shade for way to long.  I loved the base and thought that it needed a really special shade to match.  I bought a salvaged lamp shade at Dirt Cheap, for dirt cheap, and it was perfect.  I got it home and started to make the fabric roses.  It seemed like an easy thing to do.  This project took forever though.  Firstly, rolling the flowers takes longer than one would expect.  Secondly, I was using my Mother-in-Law's twin sheet from when she was a little girl, thinking it would cover the whole thing.  I was way wrong! I had rolled all of the flowers and then was left with the impossible task of finding another 35 year old white sheet that was just as wonderfully worn.  After lots searching and no luck, I found some pretty sheer curtains from the thrift store and decided I would mix the fabrics, and I really am happy with the way it turned out and the time spent was so worth it!

Here is what I used-
Lamp base, Paper Lamp shade (plain white is good to let more light shine through), old fabric, and my trusty glue gun.

First, I took the fabric and made a little slit with the sizzors about 2 inches away from the edge.  Then grab opposite sides of the fabric from where you slit it and tear evenly.  This will make a perfectly even strip with nicely frayed edges.  

To make the rose shape I took the fabric strip, folded it in half, then added glue to secure it on the end.  Then I folded in half again, and glued it as well.  I rolled it until it was about the size of my thumbnail, and then added glue again.  I then began wrapping the fabric around and around, folding the fabric back and forth as I folded.  That is hard to explain but you will have to try a few times to get the folds right so that it starts looking like a rose.  Add some glue every so often as you are rolling the fabric to make them stay better.  At the end glue the edge so its flush, and you are done!

Fold 2 times, and glue. Then start rolling.
First one!  I glued them on in rows making sure they covered the top and bottom edge of the lamp shade.  This was the fun part, and I went through a lot of glue!

Attach to lamp base, and flip on.  And Done.

Close up. I am loving how the light shines through.

I moved this large dresser to right wall after looking at this pic, it gives the lamp more space to stand out! 

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!