Dec 29, 2011

Mercury Glass DIY and Guest Bath

Mercury Glass DIY

Its so easy to turn plain glass into something special!   Mercury glass is worn and interesting and you could warm up your space by turning old vases into something eye-catching.  I was waiting for a nice warm day to do this and fortunately a random warm December day is not that uncommon here in Alabama!  

Inspiration and materials.

Old glass vases, like these I pulled out from the dark and dismal cabinet corners they called home.
Krylon Looking Glass Spray,  about $8 at Walmart.
Water in spray bottle with fine mist sprayer.
Paper Towels.

Here is a mercury glass candle from Anthropologie,
 my favorite candle, VOLCANO!

A pretty Mercury glass pendant I found online, I would love to make one of these one day!
Here is how I did it

Clean and dry vases, making sure there isn't any dust.  Then take them outside and have a rack or pallet to store them on upside down as they dry.  Spray the Krylon on the INSIDE of the glass, if your vase is narrow like mine, roll it side ways so that the liquid evenly coats the glass from bottom to top.  Spray with a light mist of water, then let dry (hour or so).  The water bubbles will stay.  Repeat this Krylon process 5 times (ONLY SPRAY WATER again on your last turn.  About 5 times is how much it took me, and the little bottle of Krylon lasted though 3 vases!  You are looking for a mirror reflection result with water bubbles.  

When it dries, (takes about on hour) take a damp paper towel, wad it up, and press inside on the glass and twist. (see above pic) That will remove the paint resting on the water bubbles and give you the distressed look you want. SO EASY!  And you really can't go wrong, you can make them look exactly how you want.  Here are mine.

They now have a new home in the guest bathroom where they will fit in perfectly with my worn mirror, knobs, and other old fixtures!  I got carried away and decided to take pics of the whole bathroom, because I  love it so much!  The black and white tile floor, flowery curtains, and Alice in Wonderland print, and fluffy white rug make me happy every time I walk into the space.

Paint Color-(Beach Towel by BHG).  Curtian, Alice Print, Shower Curtain (Urban Outfitters)  Rug, Walmart.  Candle:  Volcano from Capri Blue at Anthropologie.  Glass knobs: came with house!

I know everyone has tons of old vases around the house from countless flower deliveries right? :)  These are so pretty and easy, I hope you give it a try!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.

Dec 28, 2011

Thrifted Tuesday: Paper Ships

Due to the rain yesterday, this is a day late but better late than never.  I didn't blog last week because of Christmas festivities, (I got EVERYTHING on my wish list by the way thanks to my wonderful family!!!) but Thrifted Tuesday couldn't wait another week!  Today I am happy to feature my cousin Keaton Compton, who has the best style of any fellow I know.   His quirky and old world style is reflective of his thoughtful and creative character.  I always compare his style to Ryan Gosling, often saying things like, "Keat you look really Ryan Goslingish today."  :)  Keaton has the best job ever for a guy who has the eye for thrifted and vintage clothes, he works at the Alabama Thrift Store, the biggest and best in town.  I was there not to long ago, desperately filing through hanger after hanger trying to find a long sleeve silk blouse to go with my new pleated skirt, when I looked up to see none other than Keaton holding an amazingly awesome vintage vest he had discovered.  Last week, he found a throwback Alabama puffer jacket that any fan would die to have.  His ability to put a thrifted outfit together aways leaves an impression.  Solomon the bull mastiff from next door decided to join our photo shoot, so we styled him in some thrifted duds as well..oh and I titled this blog Paper Ships after a Dead Man's Bones song, Ryan Gosling's musical project that Keaton showed me.

Worn in details.

Scarf: thrifted

Flannel shirt, tweed blazer, shoes, and slacks: thrifted.  Square rimmed aviator shades: Urban Outfitters

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Dec 14, 2011

Santa Baby...My Christmas Wish List!

here goes...

2.  Modcloth Be Frill My Heart Wedge in Onyx 7
3. Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter
4. 16in gold initial "C" necklace Etsy
5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
6.  Modcloth fox ring (7) in gold
7.  gold clover bracelet  etsy
8.  Urban Outfitters sleeping fox pillow 
9.  Pride and Prejudice DVD or Clothbound Book
10.  MAC fabulously festive face kit/warm

hope Santa is following my blog!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust..and Merry Christmas!

Dec 13, 2011

Thrifted Tuesday: Ladylike

Thrifted Tuesday: Ladylike

Today's blog is dedicated to my Mom.  She loves when I dress like a "lady" and when I saw this dress I thought of her, and thought that she would love it!  She would also love that I thrifted it for a great price.  I don't think either one of us ever bought a dress that wasn't on sale, because we know better! (With the exception of my wedding dress).  The pearls I am wearing today are from her, she loves how classic a string of pearls are.  She gave me pearls when I was born, for my 18th Christmas, and finally at my college graduation.  I am looking forward to carrying on this special tradition when I have a little girl one day!

I love that the houses on my street look like doll houses :)  Very" ladylike"
Dress (thrifted Style ly, pink belt (thrifted), T-strap heels (Modcloth) Pearls, (gift from Mom) Clutch, old

Love you Mom! 
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Dec 10, 2011

My Christmas Wreath

My fairy tale moment for the day: In the middle of making this I decided that since I was using natural elements to make this Christmas wreath, that real holly berries would be perfect.  I was trying to convince myself that while that would be nice, I should be satisfied with the fake berries I already purchased and that they would be fine.  Just then I remembered admiring several houses on our street who had the holly berries growing in their yards, and decided to ask my husband if he would sneak out into the cold darkness and retrieve some from a vacant house near ours.  Suddenly, the Faery Tale Theater "Rapunzel" movie came to my mind and I couldn't help but laugh.  I used to watch that movie over and over when I was little. In the movie Rapunzel and her Mother are played by Shelly Duvall (below, with her radishes).  The Prince and Rupunzel's dad where played by Jeff Bridges (below)!  He was so funny in the movie and to get to the point, there is a part in the beginning where the mom gets a craving for radishes, the special kind that the neighbor (who turns out to be the witch) grows in her garden.  She begged him to sneak next door and get her some radishes, and even though he is reluctant to do so, he ends up sneaking over to get some and ends up getting caught by the witch, ultimately resulting in her stealing their first born child (Rapunzel) for payment.  Not exactly how Tangled goes but this was the tale I remember most!  So my husband pulled a Jeff Bridges and snuck off in the night to get me my very special holly branches.  Don't worry, he only got a few stems, after having been poked by the leaves of the bushes....I'm just glad that was the only trouble he ran into. 

Hahahaha, anyways, this wreath only cost me $15.00.  Here is what I used.

Medium grape vine wreath,  burlap fabric, white glittery floral branches, trims from our tree, berry branches (before I got the real ones), jute, dried cotton blossoms, and hot glue gun.

I weaved the branches into the vines in the same direction.  Then added the berries and holly.  I stuck in some trim from our tree in one corner along with the cotton blossoms.  I tied my burlap ribbon into a bow and glued it in the same corner.

I put the real holly all around at first, but then moved it all around the bow, so that it would look simpler. 

I just used some some simple jute to hang it to the hook.  I love the natural idea of this wreath, and that the only hot glue used was to hold the bow in place.  Weaving the branches and berries into the grapevine reminded me of how the primitive holiday wreaths were made, using simple seasonal elements gathered from nature, and weaving them together to make something beautiful for the home.

Merry Christmas! Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.

Dec 6, 2011

Thrifted Tuesday: Fair Isle and Fringe

My love for thrift store fashion is the reason I am so excited about Thrifted Tuesdays, a look book of thrifted pieces mixed with new, just how I like it!  I also will be featuring friends who put their own twist on thrifted style. I love shopping and I know everytime I go to the thrift store I can leave with a few things and not feel guilty about what I spent.  I haven't always been on top of fashion, usually avoiding anything I thought was too trendy, and also perplexed by everyone seeming to suddenly like the same thing at the same time.  I guess someone at Vogue is making all of these decisions for us, as Miranda Priestly eloquently discusses in one of my favorite movies, "The Devil Wears Prada." However, when the real "Miranda" decided on pleated skirts, sheer button up blouses, and gold accessories, I just had to jump on board.  Now I am having fun with what I wear as I try to cross that bridge from the Junior Department to the Misses, discovering now that the rules that I knew are so outdated.  Mixing brown and black?  Doesn't matter if you do it right.  Wearing white after Labor Day?  I'm pretty sure that that rule wasn't supposed to last the ages of fashion. The point of Thrifted Tuesday will be to show readers the inexpensive and one of a kind look they can score at the cheapest store in town.
                                                       LoOk BoOk 1:  Fair Isle and Fringe

This look is about mixing elements (suade, leather, knit, metal)  for a casual look that has some edge.  A pop of color with the skirt, combined with neutrals is just enough to make a statement!  Highlight with some gold and black sequin jewelry and accessorize with a black sequin purse (the jewelry and the purse will be friends :).

I was curious to know the history behind Fair Isle patterns, this is what I found!
Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, that forms part of the Shetland islands. Fair Isle knitting gained a considerable popularity when the Prince of Wales (later to become Edward VIII) wore Fair Isle tank tops in public in 1921. Traditional Fair Isle patterns have a limited palette of five or so colours, use only two colours per row, are worked in the round, and limit the length of a run of any particular color. (wikipedia)

Skirt and bangles, (Miss Selfridge),  Medalion Necklace,( old American Eagle), shoes, (thrifted Zara, from, Clutch, (thrifted) Leather Jacket, (Bday gift from Express

  Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust                                            

Dec 3, 2011

Hymn Butterfly Ornaments and Wreath

Today was very Christmassy, cozy, happy, and wonderful. We had a "Souper" Saturday with the Relief Society and I got to teach them how to make a fabric and felt rose wreath!  There were lots of Christmas crafts and yummy soups to eat, and my friend Eliza made this amazing cake that was so good I can't get out it of my head!

After I got home we took Cohen on a walk in Downtown Attalla, they were celebrating Christmas today with free carriage rides, entertainment, and really good sales at the shops.  I found some good stuff including an antique hymn book that I got for $3.00, and I could already imagine all of the things I could do with the pretty yellowed pages.

When we got home, we watched the football games and I made  little ornaments to give to my Young Women class at church.  Since our lesson is about "Preparing for Change" I wanted to do something with butterflies, since they symbolize change.  I made them a butterfly ornament out of the old hymn pages. Here's how.

I used an old hymn book, jute, red berry wires, and hot glue gun.

Tear out two pages, fold it vertically down the middle, then cut horizontally in half.

Cut our half of the butterfly shape, so when you open you have a full butterfly.

Wrap berry wire around the middle of the two matching shapes to make the body and head.

Add caption

Wrap it around 

Fold wire down in back.  Bend one page forward, and another back too add dimension. 

Glue a loop of jute to the back with some hot glue and let dry, then find a nice branch it can call home! This one is for me!

These will be delicate, so keep that in mind when storing!

             Wreaths! My favorite part is that everyone's didn't look exactly alike, and we made about 20!

 Here was my prototype, I made this one with yarn and it took forever!!!  So we decided on fabric strips for today or else we would still be there!

The scent of the cinnamon sticks on these wreaths will make you feel warm and cozy whenever you walk by!

Happy Holidays, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust