Dec 3, 2011

Hymn Butterfly Ornaments and Wreath

Today was very Christmassy, cozy, happy, and wonderful. We had a "Souper" Saturday with the Relief Society and I got to teach them how to make a fabric and felt rose wreath!  There were lots of Christmas crafts and yummy soups to eat, and my friend Eliza made this amazing cake that was so good I can't get out it of my head!

After I got home we took Cohen on a walk in Downtown Attalla, they were celebrating Christmas today with free carriage rides, entertainment, and really good sales at the shops.  I found some good stuff including an antique hymn book that I got for $3.00, and I could already imagine all of the things I could do with the pretty yellowed pages.

When we got home, we watched the football games and I made  little ornaments to give to my Young Women class at church.  Since our lesson is about "Preparing for Change" I wanted to do something with butterflies, since they symbolize change.  I made them a butterfly ornament out of the old hymn pages. Here's how.

I used an old hymn book, jute, red berry wires, and hot glue gun.

Tear out two pages, fold it vertically down the middle, then cut horizontally in half.

Cut our half of the butterfly shape, so when you open you have a full butterfly.

Wrap berry wire around the middle of the two matching shapes to make the body and head.

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Wrap it around 

Fold wire down in back.  Bend one page forward, and another back too add dimension. 

Glue a loop of jute to the back with some hot glue and let dry, then find a nice branch it can call home! This one is for me!

These will be delicate, so keep that in mind when storing!

             Wreaths! My favorite part is that everyone's didn't look exactly alike, and we made about 20!

 Here was my prototype, I made this one with yarn and it took forever!!!  So we decided on fabric strips for today or else we would still be there!

The scent of the cinnamon sticks on these wreaths will make you feel warm and cozy whenever you walk by!

Happy Holidays, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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