Dec 29, 2011

Mercury Glass DIY and Guest Bath

Mercury Glass DIY

Its so easy to turn plain glass into something special!   Mercury glass is worn and interesting and you could warm up your space by turning old vases into something eye-catching.  I was waiting for a nice warm day to do this and fortunately a random warm December day is not that uncommon here in Alabama!  

Inspiration and materials.

Old glass vases, like these I pulled out from the dark and dismal cabinet corners they called home.
Krylon Looking Glass Spray,  about $8 at Walmart.
Water in spray bottle with fine mist sprayer.
Paper Towels.

Here is a mercury glass candle from Anthropologie,
 my favorite candle, VOLCANO!

A pretty Mercury glass pendant I found online, I would love to make one of these one day!
Here is how I did it

Clean and dry vases, making sure there isn't any dust.  Then take them outside and have a rack or pallet to store them on upside down as they dry.  Spray the Krylon on the INSIDE of the glass, if your vase is narrow like mine, roll it side ways so that the liquid evenly coats the glass from bottom to top.  Spray with a light mist of water, then let dry (hour or so).  The water bubbles will stay.  Repeat this Krylon process 5 times (ONLY SPRAY WATER again on your last turn.  About 5 times is how much it took me, and the little bottle of Krylon lasted though 3 vases!  You are looking for a mirror reflection result with water bubbles.  

When it dries, (takes about on hour) take a damp paper towel, wad it up, and press inside on the glass and twist. (see above pic) That will remove the paint resting on the water bubbles and give you the distressed look you want. SO EASY!  And you really can't go wrong, you can make them look exactly how you want.  Here are mine.

They now have a new home in the guest bathroom where they will fit in perfectly with my worn mirror, knobs, and other old fixtures!  I got carried away and decided to take pics of the whole bathroom, because I  love it so much!  The black and white tile floor, flowery curtains, and Alice in Wonderland print, and fluffy white rug make me happy every time I walk into the space.

Paint Color-(Beach Towel by BHG).  Curtian, Alice Print, Shower Curtain (Urban Outfitters)  Rug, Walmart.  Candle:  Volcano from Capri Blue at Anthropologie.  Glass knobs: came with house!

I know everyone has tons of old vases around the house from countless flower deliveries right? :)  These are so pretty and easy, I hope you give it a try!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.

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