Jan 28, 2012

Natural Valentine Wreath

I know its not even February yet, but Valentines Day is coming up and I love love love this holiday.  Even though it gets a bunch of crap about not being a real holiday, I think its is one of the best days of the year.  I remember not having a Valentine one year in college and as I was at work I swooned as I was watched the dozens of men walking out of the grocery store next to where I was working, all carrying roses, chocolates, and balloons.  It didn't make me sad, because I love love.  And I loved how it brought out this romantic side in all of those men.  In high school my Dad used to leave me red roses in my car when I didn't have a Valentine.  That is one of my sweetest memories of him.  I am happy that I have two Valentines this year, my two boys, and I will cuddle with them both February 14th as I will surely make them watch one of my favorite romantic movies, Pride and Prejudice. : )

Since its almost February and Valentines Day is in the middle of the month I wanted to hurry and make a Valentine Wreath to replace my Christmas one.  I wanted to come up with something really natural, which was challenging  since most Vday decorations are really cheesy.  I had a few ideas but when I saw this heart shaped twig wreath I thought it would be perfect.  Dried florals where half off at hobby lobby so it I was able to get a few bunches and then use leftover materials I already had so I spent less than $15!  I thought it was very fitting to use dried lavender because of its history in being used for romantic purposes, such as to scent love notes, and its said that women used to attract love by wearing it in a sachet in their pockets.

I wove in the lavender.
Then I wove in the other dried flowers.

I added pink rose trim around the inner heart shape and glued a stick vertical on behind so I could fashion the point on the top of the heart.

I glued a twig horizontally to add some love birds.

all done :)

 Valentine Wreath hung about fireplace!

OH Yes! My BEAUTIFUL little boy is 10 MONTHS old today.  I can't believe it.  He is the happiest and most loved baby there ever was.  He loves music, loves to dance, loves to smile at everyone.  Everywhere I take him he is charming every person with his sweet smile.  People are so nice to me just because I am toting around this happy smiley little guy.  He is going to be like sunshine to this world, just like he is too me and his daddy. 

Cohens Favorite song on his Playlist..this week

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.
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