Feb 28, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Goodbye, February Air

Top and green skinny belt (thrifted), Shoes (Nine West) I have these shoes in black too, and if I could I would have every color!) Jeans (Jessica Simpson)  Headband and earrings (Ruche)  Necklace (found at Trade Days at Tannehill)

Its the end of February and now I can start planning Cohen's first birthday party in March, a month from today he will be ONE!  Time really goes by so fast and this year being his Mommy has been amazing.  Next month I will be the Mommy of a one year old!  So so long February, and here is my last Thrifted Tuesday of the month.

 I have seen so many pretty sheer buttons downs everywhere and I now have two.  I don't think they look that good on me though, because I am short and really can't pull off anything baggy, but this is my attempt. By tucking it I was able to not look as short and got to show off my new thrifted belt that matches my earrings so very well :)  But since I can't be taller I can always put on my highest heels and cheat.  I found this blush colored blouse at the thrift store and while I'm sure it was part of some old mother of the bride three piece set, I ignored that loved the soft color and structural lines, plus I love the collar.

DIY: Le'Pouf

While I was at the thrift store I was also searching for a DIY project.  It required me finding a very large mans colorful and well kept chunky knit sweater.  I know that sounds like a tall order, but I found three!  I am so thankful that these large men loved wearing colorful sweaters because....I am making poufs!  A pouf  is a large floor pillow, most of the time round for kind of flattened round.  Here are some examples.


Urban Outfitters


 I found this black bean bag square at Dirt Cheap, which usually means that it was from Target originally.  When I saw it I knew I could make one of these poufs out of it!  I took a very large turtle neck sweater from the thrift store and sewed the bottom together inside out.  Then I cut off the sleeves and turtle neck.  I shaved off some more of the sweater where I cut so I would have an even line from the underarm of one side, up through the neck, and down to the other underarm.  I stretched the four corners of the opening like an envelope and sewed on old button on top, first with string, then jute just for looks.

There it is, my first pouf.  Cameron said it looked like a giant orange at first, but now after using it for a foot rest for about a week, it has a cool flattened globe shape like the ones in the inspiration pics.  Cohen loves climbing it!  I want to make some more with the other sweaters, but I think I'm gonna try down comforters for the stuffing next time just to see whats better.  I'm thinking another Dirt Cheap trip for some dirt cheap downs is coming up soon :)  Imagine having a trio of them, in different sizes and colors...love.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Feb 23, 2012

IKEA Trip and Wallpaper Project

I was so excited to go to Ikea for the first time.  The closest one to us is in Atlanta GA, but I am thankful that we have one thats not too far away.  It was only a couple hours from where I live and it was so worth it!  I went for a Flokati rug for Cohen's nursery because it was incredible cheap there.  While walking around this HUGE store looking for it I saw a couple of people with them in their carts and I was getting nervous that they would be sold out, but I found it and gave it the biggest hug ever before I tucked it safely in my own cart.  It is the fluffiest softest rug ever and is so perfect for a little one to play on.  I am telling you, you can NOT find one half as cheap anywhere else :)  The store was everything I hoped it would be, inspiring, affordable, and modern.  It gave me a lot of ideas and I can't wait to go back!  I want to eat at the cafe there and also bring home some Swedish food from their grocery section.  I will share some great advice someone gave me before I went, and that is to wear comfy shoes and bring your measurements!

Cohen taking a nap on his new Flokati Rug.  He is holding the fur in his fingers, how sweet :)

My first wallpaper DIY project?  Success!  My mother-in-law helped me because she has wallpapered before, and I was very thankful for her wisdom in all things wallpaper.  We took every thing off the shelves and removed the shelves, then we measured how long of a strip we needed and used a exacto knife to cut. (We left about an inch extra to work with) We then had to line up the pattern to get our second strip.  After that we applied the wallpaper glue to the back and then hung it up.  We booked it to make it smooth, and trimmed the excess of with the exacto knife.

Here is our bookshelf in the foyer before.

Then after we applied wallpaper.

Then we added the shelves back.

And put everything back in its place!

I love this wallpaper, I got it on sale from Urban Outfitters, and plan to use it on my china cabinet project as well!

I think the bookshelf looks pretty and interesting now, which is great because it's the first thing you see when you walk in the front door!  I love wallpapering small areas like this, and I will be doing this again soon!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Feb 17, 2012

Things like family

  We went up to see my family for this month's Birthday Sunday and it was nice visiting with them all, I miss living so close by, but look forward to hanging out with them all day on Birthday Sundays.  We left right from church and Cohen slept the whole way, and I as usual had an iPhone photoshoot during the trip, but I didn't get one of my sleepy boy but here is one when he was shopping with me, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

 After Birthday Sunday me and some of my cousins went to my Uncle Charlie's music store, Tannehill Strings, and played.  I can't play anything so I clacked this double spoon contraption on my knee every so often during a song until my brother demonstrated how to actually play it, I couldn't copy him so I just gave up...However my uncles and cousins all played and sang wonderfully and it was nice listening to them make music.  

I'm also so excited that my cousins Chris and Kayla had their first baby girl on Valentines Day!  I can't wait to meet Miss Zillie Ann!  Here is a pic from Kayla's Maternity shoot with me :)  I'm happy Cohen will have another new friend to play with, and so happy to have another addition to our big, loving family.

This weekend me and Mom went to the Home and Garden show in Birmingham.  I bought a steam mop and actually couldn't wait to go home to mop my floors, which I realized isn't crazy, sad, or pathetic, but a motherly nesting instinct.  Cohen has been crawling everywhere and I never feel like the floors are clean enough!  I am convinced my new steam mop will make me feel much better about that.  I also discovered "Chalk Paint" not to be confused with the chalk board paint, which I used to paint our pantry door with, (now we have an awesome chalkboard in the kitchen!) but it a furniture paint that saves you from having to sand and prime!  The store is located in Pelham and and think it might just be what I need to paint my china cabinet!  This week I am going to post a DIY post all about wallpapering, this will be interesting because I never have done it before but my pretty wallpaper has came in the mail and I am putting it behind a small shelving space in our foyer so it shouldn't be that hard.  Who am I kidding its going to be the death of me, but I can't wait to show you the sooo worth it outcome I am projecting in my mind!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Feb 15, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Moody Valentine

So I was kind of moody yesterday, the kind of moody us women get in from time to time for no fault of our own, but all of the moodiness inspired this Valentines Thrifted Tuesday look.  I love this old thrifted dress.  It claims to be innocent with its sweet polka dots but its silhouette, while classic, can make it a perfect date night dress.  A dress that covers you up, well, for the most part, while still being flirty is a good find.   To me, these wine colored shoes are perfect for Valentines Day too.   

At our wedding we had people leave us notes with wishes and advice in this pretty birdcage.  We keep it in our bedroom and its nice to pick one out every so often and read sweet words from our loved ones!

I wanted to include this perfume because I have wanted it for so long and found it at Dirt Cheap of all places.  They had some perfume locked up in a case up front, and they had Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, as well as a few other really great ones never opened.  This one is Fancy by Jessica Simpson, and it smells like cupcakes and flowers all wrapped up in warmth :)  It was $9 and makes this a "might as well of been thrifted" find.
Dress, (thrifted) Shoes (Nine West) Perfume (Jessica Simpson, Fancy)

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Feb 7, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Be Wine

I don't drink wine however I certainly do not mind wearing it.  Its flattering on every skin tone and I especially think its very nice on redheads, like myself.  So Pinot Natureluxe gloss balm by Covergirl is one of my favorites to wear, I love tinted lip balm!  Some deep red wine earrings and berry colored heels are great friends with this thrifted fitted blazer.  I like its detailed stitching and how tailored it is.  I really love blazers right now and I think fitted ones like these are perfection.  This blazer was $4, and I was so happy I found it.  As my obsession with pleated skirts grows, I have The Limited to thank.  Not only do they carry awesome "Cassidy" fit pants, they have supplied me with two of my favorite new pleated skirts.  A knee length fuchsia pink for $10 on sale, and this lovely black maxi on sale for $16.  Lucky me :)

Knit top c/o Carlie (thrifted Platos) Blazer, (thrifted) Necklace (forever 21 $7!) Maxi Skirt (The Limited)  Heels (Nine West)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


Feb 2, 2012


In honor of Valentines Day I am giving away a copy of my favorite movie, Pride and Prejudice.   I scored two copies this Christmas thanks to my lovely Christmas List, so I get to share one with one of you!  Mom, don't worry I am keeping the one from you, it was the Collectors Edition after all :)  


 Leave comment on my blogs Facebook page or on this blog telling me your favorite romance movie.
That's All!
I will pick a winner Feb 10th

If you live far away I will mail it too you :)

I love love and movies about love.  Below is my top ten!  It was really hard to narrow it down.

Look at this movie poster.  Enough said.

I love any version of Cinderella!

Me and Cam could totally make this movie poster...with the help of DC Photography.

An adaptation of Jane Austin's Emma.  Who knew right??  No wonder I've always love it!

Dreams do come true, it can happen to you :)

And now, the story of me and Cameron :)  And he bought it for me for my birthday the first year we were dating.
An adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, YAY :)  This one is too cute.

I love the soundtrack in this movie,  and this movie is love at its most dramatic.   

Another movie poster we could soooo make.   I used to be obsessed with this movie.  Cam kinda has that Leo look :)

Remember to go leave a comment!  I want someone to enjoy my favorite love story, its a great one to watch this Valentines Day :)

And, if you are looking for the perfect sweet treat for someone this Valentines Day visit Lindy Lou's Sweet Treats and More!  YUMMY!

Congratulations to LAUREN PRUETT!  She won the DVD!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.