Feb 17, 2012

Things like family

  We went up to see my family for this month's Birthday Sunday and it was nice visiting with them all, I miss living so close by, but look forward to hanging out with them all day on Birthday Sundays.  We left right from church and Cohen slept the whole way, and I as usual had an iPhone photoshoot during the trip, but I didn't get one of my sleepy boy but here is one when he was shopping with me, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

 After Birthday Sunday me and some of my cousins went to my Uncle Charlie's music store, Tannehill Strings, and played.  I can't play anything so I clacked this double spoon contraption on my knee every so often during a song until my brother demonstrated how to actually play it, I couldn't copy him so I just gave up...However my uncles and cousins all played and sang wonderfully and it was nice listening to them make music.  

I'm also so excited that my cousins Chris and Kayla had their first baby girl on Valentines Day!  I can't wait to meet Miss Zillie Ann!  Here is a pic from Kayla's Maternity shoot with me :)  I'm happy Cohen will have another new friend to play with, and so happy to have another addition to our big, loving family.

This weekend me and Mom went to the Home and Garden show in Birmingham.  I bought a steam mop and actually couldn't wait to go home to mop my floors, which I realized isn't crazy, sad, or pathetic, but a motherly nesting instinct.  Cohen has been crawling everywhere and I never feel like the floors are clean enough!  I am convinced my new steam mop will make me feel much better about that.  I also discovered "Chalk Paint" not to be confused with the chalk board paint, which I used to paint our pantry door with, (now we have an awesome chalkboard in the kitchen!) but it a furniture paint that saves you from having to sand and prime!  The store is located in Pelham and and think it might just be what I need to paint my china cabinet!  This week I am going to post a DIY post all about wallpapering, this will be interesting because I never have done it before but my pretty wallpaper has came in the mail and I am putting it behind a small shelving space in our foyer so it shouldn't be that hard.  Who am I kidding its going to be the death of me, but I can't wait to show you the sooo worth it outcome I am projecting in my mind!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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  1. I'm so glad someone got pics of this! I wish I could've been there!