Feb 28, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Goodbye, February Air

Top and green skinny belt (thrifted), Shoes (Nine West) I have these shoes in black too, and if I could I would have every color!) Jeans (Jessica Simpson)  Headband and earrings (Ruche)  Necklace (found at Trade Days at Tannehill)

Its the end of February and now I can start planning Cohen's first birthday party in March, a month from today he will be ONE!  Time really goes by so fast and this year being his Mommy has been amazing.  Next month I will be the Mommy of a one year old!  So so long February, and here is my last Thrifted Tuesday of the month.

 I have seen so many pretty sheer buttons downs everywhere and I now have two.  I don't think they look that good on me though, because I am short and really can't pull off anything baggy, but this is my attempt. By tucking it I was able to not look as short and got to show off my new thrifted belt that matches my earrings so very well :)  But since I can't be taller I can always put on my highest heels and cheat.  I found this blush colored blouse at the thrift store and while I'm sure it was part of some old mother of the bride three piece set, I ignored that loved the soft color and structural lines, plus I love the collar.

DIY: Le'Pouf

While I was at the thrift store I was also searching for a DIY project.  It required me finding a very large mans colorful and well kept chunky knit sweater.  I know that sounds like a tall order, but I found three!  I am so thankful that these large men loved wearing colorful sweaters because....I am making poufs!  A pouf  is a large floor pillow, most of the time round for kind of flattened round.  Here are some examples.


Urban Outfitters


 I found this black bean bag square at Dirt Cheap, which usually means that it was from Target originally.  When I saw it I knew I could make one of these poufs out of it!  I took a very large turtle neck sweater from the thrift store and sewed the bottom together inside out.  Then I cut off the sleeves and turtle neck.  I shaved off some more of the sweater where I cut so I would have an even line from the underarm of one side, up through the neck, and down to the other underarm.  I stretched the four corners of the opening like an envelope and sewed on old button on top, first with string, then jute just for looks.

There it is, my first pouf.  Cameron said it looked like a giant orange at first, but now after using it for a foot rest for about a week, it has a cool flattened globe shape like the ones in the inspiration pics.  Cohen loves climbing it!  I want to make some more with the other sweaters, but I think I'm gonna try down comforters for the stuffing next time just to see whats better.  I'm thinking another Dirt Cheap trip for some dirt cheap downs is coming up soon :)  Imagine having a trio of them, in different sizes and colors...love.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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