Mar 13, 2012

Thifted Tuesday: Vintage One Piece

 I must really be feeling brave because this thrifted outfit is a swimsuit!  I am so happy that vintage one pieces are back in style, and you can get cute ones from almost anywhere.  Anthropologie has my dream one but it can only be a dream because I can't afford that swimsuit!  So below is my new $2.00 vintage one piece that I thrifted this week, I thought that the super low back and deep red made it super cute, and I can honestly say I never imagined finding a swimsuit at a thrift store.  It has some crazy padding in the chest that I'm going to remove, probably should have before taking these pics but I can live with them for now.  I have been working out like crazy this whole year so I think my confidence this summer will better when I'm wearing this adorable suit on the beach!  

Swimsuit (thrifted) 
Hair wrap (forever 21)

Here are some not so thrifty but oh so amazing swimsuits that I am IN LOVE with!

That red one wouldn't look good on me but its really cool.  Also check out Modcloth, tons of adorable modest one pieces that are to die for!  Just dreaming...

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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  1. I LOVE one pieces and I think they're more stylish!