Apr 10, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Cinderellie

So I did a Belle look and that was fun, so I thought I would try a Cinderella.   It would have been great if the birds that lived in my chimney would have flew in to help me get dressed but they did not, and no mice helped me either, thank goodness I was inspired by her domestic cuteness so I could pull this outfit together without any singing animal friends.  I remembered how they helped slip on her little black flats, tied her apron, and brought her hair scarf, so this is my version of that outfit!   I got the skirt at the thrift store as well as the pretty scarf.  I have these flats in almost every color, and although I love my TOMS,  these to me are more feminine and cheaper (2 for $20 at UO).  The clock necklace helps me keep the time, so I thought it was fitting for this outfit.  This old washboard hangs in my laundry room, its so cute, and reminds me to be thankful because laundry used to be a lot harder...

Apron (Anthropologie, gift from Carlie)  Skirt and Scarf (thrifted)  Flats (Urban Outfitters)
Top ( Forever 21 $9.00)  

I hope everyone had a sweet Easter, we sure did!
Easter Egg Hunt at Aunt Louvettes and Cohen meeting the Easter Bunny downtown. 

Cohen looking stylish on Easter Sunday.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust :)


  1. Hey Cassidy, I wanted to talk to you about applying for our blogger agency - we do DIY/craft projects (for pay) - so can you email me at heather@dollartorecrafts.com?


  2. ugh, i mean heather@dollarstorecrafts.com :) p.s I did a pirate party for my 1st son's 1st bday party!