Apr 26, 2012

Nursery Tour

 Cohen's Key! 
The Nursery Tour.

Up for an adventure?  Well get ready to voyage into Cohen's Neverland nursery.  Explore all of the details of his whimsy retreat.  He is also my music man, so notes of music appreciation also can be found all around this baby boy nursery.
This nursery was inspired by the amazing blog LayBabyLay.  She did a Peter Pan nursery board and it was just perfect.  It gave me great direction and I recommend anyone decorating a nursery in the near future to visit.  Prepare to get creative think outside the box as far as decor and themes.  For his nursery, I started out with all natural wood furniture.  I wanted it to be soothing, cozy, and have contrast between natural and graphic.  He is too big for his changing table now, but I keep his diapers and wipes and other go-to items in this shelf (below) that I pulled out of an antique "treasure chest" we got from an auction.  The chest was used in at his pirate party and his one year photo shoot.  I added a photo of my husband when he was a baby held by my handmade photo holder. 

This shelf was a vintage find from an antique store, I loved the color so I just left it as is.  The iron swords used to be separate, but I glued them together so they would look more like the pirate symbol, minus the scull.  The labyrinth game is a nod to my favorite childhood movie, The Labyrinth, and in it sits a candle from Cohen's first birthday cake.  I know, I am over the top sentimental.  I got a big jar of miss matched wooden blocks from a consignment shop, and the pirate ship pull toy was handmade by Amadillo Dreams.   We brought in a couple of records from his Granddaddy's record collection, Elton John and Billy Joel, because Cohen, like his Grandfather,  already loves playing the piano! 

Cohen looks too cool for school in his suspenders, high tops, and ties.  I like displaying his blessing outfit because it reminds me of how tiny he was.  This bubble suit was worn by Cohen, his dad, and grandfather on their blessing days.  What a special heirloom it is.  

"Never smile at a crocodile"
Meet Toc!  This guy is straight out of the Neverland.  We found him patrolling around Pirate Bay, waiting for Hook to fall overboard.  

His Grandfather hung this shelf and it was perfect to put his pirate ship up high and out of reach (for now).  This cool hemisphere map is a must for any good explorer, and this handmade arrow is from Quivver Arrows.  Below is a sock puppet made by Cameron's best friend's mom, for his birthday.

A couple of treasure maps hang from a jute line along with a page out of an old Peter Pan book, I found it on Etsy at The Vintage Read.  It is when they all attack the pirate ship at the end!  Below is our little reading nook where I rock him to sleep.  This awesome rocker is borrowed from a family member, and the cushy rugs are from IKEA.  I got the rocker horse at an antique store, and the yellow lamp from a yard sale. 

My next door neighbors where having an estate sale, and the nice woman running it gave be this hoop and embroidered quote for free.  They were separate but I put them together and I think it looks so cute.  It is so fitting to have a quote from the great exporer, Magellan!

I love this collection of graphic prints, and I know they would look great framed but I will get to that later, because...frames are a like freaking expensive.  I made this initial art by putting plain wooden letters from Hobby Lobby, onto layers of scrapbook paper, love the music sheet one!  I ordered these frames that are meant for framing scrapbook pages, and painted them black.  I love rooms with pops of black, it is like mascara for rooms.  

Bedtime buddies!  And of course his baby blanket from his Nonna (I have an identical one in white) (still under my pillow....)

I made a watercolor treasure map for Cohen...it needs a frame as well....
My aunt found this little piano at a thrift store, and he loves playing it for everyone. 

So that is his room tour, I had so much fun updating it.  I love the frosty mint color of the wall mixed with the soft rugs and pops of black and inky graphics.  This room is so peaceful to me and watching Cohen play in it and enjoy it makes me so happy.  I can't wait to decorate another nursery!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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  1. Love how this turned out, Cassidy! It's beautiful!! I posted a link on Lay Baby Lay's Facebook page so others can be inspired, too. Thanks so much for letting me know!