May 20, 2012

The Challenge

This week I did went to the longest yard sale in the world, found some comic books for Cam that turned out to be worth a lot of money, photographed a wedding, and watched a LOT of basketball.  We also took Cohen's one year pics and I am working on getting them all done!  I also have eaten a lot of chocolate lately which brings me to the point of this blog post!

The beach trip.  Most everyone goes on at least one every summer, and most everyone sits there around their Thanksgiving turkeys believing that by the time the summer beach trip comes, that they will have gotten into shape by that annual deadline, of summer.  This was at least my experience with the lie I told myself every year.  In fact, I would often argue with myself daily that each bad thing I ate or I skipped the gym would't matter in the long run, but then the summer comes, as it always does, and I did not feel good about the way I looked.  In fact every bad thing I ate and day I skipped the gym not only mattered, but was on display for the world to see.  Thats not a good way to spend a vacation, feeling self conscious.  Now, everyone is different but I will admit that this is how I felt, and it didn't feel good.  I often wondered what it might be like to find myself bravely taking off my coverup on the beach to reveal a healthy toned body, instead of wishing I hadn't made all of those bad decisions all year long.

As my family's beach trip approaches, I find myself feeling pretty close to that good feeling I had long fantasized about, but I know I am not there yet.  I have been juicing, working out, and choosing my meals wisely, all the while keeping my Sunday cheat days.  I have done this for a WHOLE year, so this wasn't just a fad, this is my lifestyle now.  Without the support of my mother-in-law, and sister-in-law,  I know I couldn't have made this change in my life.  Support systems are very helpful!

These past couple of weeks I have gained a few pounds, and I absolutely know its because I have been getting sloppy with my workouts and portion sizes.  I have not worked this hard all year to just creep back up to my original weight, plus I just want to be as healthy as possible.  So I decided to make a goal, and a challenge, to lose 6 lbs by June 2nd, in other words, 12 days.  If I lose more thats great, but this is my goal, and I really hope I can do it!

Current weight-126
Goal weight-120

Plan:  Exercise 4 days a week with 30 min cardio, and 20 min lifting.  Might not seem that much but, hey thats a lot to ask when you have a baby!
Drink green juice every day and eat a diet that excludes any item that is processed, fried, and sugary. 
The only thing I am going to drink besides green juice and water is almond milk.  This is basically how I already eat, but the difference will be portion control and cutting out late night snacking, also, I will be kicking up my cardio and lifting.  

Usual breakfast, green juice and oatmeal  (Oats, almond milk, blueberries, banana, walnuts, whole red sprouted wheat, flax, honey, and cinnamon)  Thats a lot of power food packed into those two!  The crazy thing is, you can train your
tastebuds to like this stuff.  

So here I go, I will post my progress next Sunday!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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