May 1, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Lacy Day

Thrifted Tuesday: Lacy Day

Not a lazy, but lacy day. 
Today I got so very much accomplished, which is why this blog post is so late!  But I'll tell you this much, I played with my baby boy all day, worked out, found a cute thrifted outfit and got ready, ran errands, went mulberry picking, got messy, made muffins, and my house is the cleanest house you've ever seen.  Yea, I'm kind of bragging, but it was a good day!

I love this lacy outfit and I love lace!  We all went mulberry picking today and it was the funniest thing ever, I can't even explain how funny.  But we all, including Cohen got rained on my a mulberry tree and left with a ton of them to take home!  My clothes got ruined, but I will have fun making them over for another blog in the future :)

This green chair was from the thrift store and was $4.  It was plain wood but I painted it green for the living room.  I love the idea of using old wooden chairs like this for bedside tables or a place to store a stack of coffee table books.

Purple lace cardigan and lace top (thrifted), belt (thrifted),  Skirt and Wedges (forever 21),
Necklace (trade day),  Green Chair (thrifted)

Cohen with his mulberry stained face :) He loved them too.

 Mulberry Muffins with Honey Goat Cheese Filling.

I couldn't stop eating the mulberries! So yummy! They taste like blackberries mixed with blueberries I think.  These muffins turned out so great!  I will post the recipe tomorrow, cause everyone is waiting for me to start a movie...

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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