May 15, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Momma Mia

Thrifted Tuesday: Momma Mia!

This outfit combines thrifted and gifted, Mothers Day gifted that is!  This was my second Mothers Day and I am so thankful for my little boy who has made me the happiest luckiest mother ever!  
Everyday I get to play with Cohen and go on adventures with him I am so thankful that he was sent to me.  He loves to make people smile, and he is always smiling himself.  He dances as soon as he hears even the faintest sound of music.  He loves making music himself, and even head bangs from time to time, although I have no clue where he learned it.  He is beginning to walk which brings me to tears.  He is getting more and more cute everyday.  This Mothers Day weekend his daddy and him took me to dinner, and gave me these very cute wedges.  Sunday morning as we were leaving for church, I got in the car and sat on my second present, a Lucky Brand bracelet I have been eyeing every time I go to the mall.  It is silver with big detailed lilies.  Cohen gave me a gold locket this Sunday with a tiny picture of him in it!  I couldn't love anything more! 
 I wore this outfit on Cinco de Mayo,  and it reminded of Mexico, with its flowers and bright pops of color.  I didn't like the way the excess of my braided belt was hanging so held them in place with two bright blue earrings.   

Shirt and Skirt (thrifted), skinny braided belt (old), Blue earrings on belt (thrifted) Wooden Hoop Earrings (thrifted), Wedges, locket, and flower bracelet (Mothers Day gifts!)

I love this little guy, he doesn't have my same love for clothes though lol.  Being a mom is not always easy, it requires sacrifice from the second you learn you are expecting.  It is putting someone before yourself and making sure they are protected, nurtured, and loved.  I would do anything for my child.  I can't explain the happiness and peace I feel knowing that me and my family will be together forever.  I cannot express my appreciation to a Heavenly Father who blessed me with this family, and all of our many blessings.  I am sad to say that there was a time in my life where I was kind of lost, and felt lost, when I didn't pray at night, when I forgot the source of true peace, of true happiness that only comes with doing what is right and following my heart.  I remember the day I decided that I was done being unhappy, done being, well dumb.  I knew what I wanted and I knew the direction I should go in.  As soon as I had this change of heart, everything fell into place, and even when things got rough from time to time I could always rely on my Heavenly Father to help me through it, because I had repaired my relationship with Him.  Knowing that He loves me no matter what I have done and wants to forgive me when I repent, helps me better love others around me, and forgive.  Its like your heart is softened and you become meek, which is weird because you feel stronger than you ever have.   I am thankful for my Mom who raised me in The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints.  I am thankful I didn't forget the happiness and peace the Gospel brought me growing up.   I guess I am just thankful.  And happy.  Feels allllright :)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

The boys taking me out for Mothers Day! 

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