May 25, 2012

Vintage Finds: 2

One of my first blog posts was Vintage Finds, where I talked about some great treasures I found at places like antique stores, thrift stores, and yard sales, and I am back with some new favorite pieces we have brought home.

This past week was the Highway 11 yard sale and it starts basically in my town and ends in KY.  You could imagine my disappointment that lack of time and resources prohibited me from renting a Uhaul and going on a crazy all weekend road trip to stop at every single one.  I went to about 10 and got a few things, and I was happy with that!  One cool thing about yard selling is experiencing the culture of the south and meeting a lot of friendly people.  They go all out for this yard sale, you can find lemonaid stands, good food, and collectors even set up to show off all of their goods that they have no intention of selling.  But its cool to see what they have collected and it often inspires me with old art, textures, shapes, and colors.  One thing that I thought was really interesting was a match book collection that were all lined up and inside of a large picture frame.  At first you couldn't tell what it was, just a combination of cool colors, graphics, and typography, but when I saw that it was match books collected from hundreds of places around the world, I was in love.  So much interest could be packed into such a small space on your wall.  

One of my favorite purchases were two vintage skinny belts that I got for a quarter from the stylish lady that wore them herself back in the day.  I also talked to a seller that was selling a bunch of cool old furniture that he tried to give his kids, but the twenty-something kids didn't have any interest in them...I asked if he could adopt me.  He just laughed.  I also had a lady desperately try to sell me a pair of very large pants with the skinniest ankles I ever saw, that she said I might be able to squeeze into haha.  If I had need for a giant denim funnel that would have been a done deal but I had to say "no thank you."

So here are some of favorite newish things.  Some are the first of the collection I plan to start, some are already apart of repurposing planning, and some are just things I stumbled upon, fell in love with, and gave a home.  

Mirror (Auction) Lamp Shade Skeleton (found at old bard) Rocker (Auction)
This rocker will be perfect in a little girl nursery one day!  And I am thinking of making a mobile out of the metal shade.

Old trumpet that we turned into a lamp, works great!  We had to guide the wiring through the twists and turns of the trumpet, have you ever seen anything so cool?  Of course not.
Trumpet (Father in Laws garage) Lamp shade (Dirt Cheap) Lamp wiring (old Lamp I got for a dollar at a yard sale!)

Metal Lamp Shade, way cool after ugly old glass is removed,  plus it was exposed to the elements so long it had a cool rusty look. 

Old metal basket.  A collection of these hung on the wall is what I am going for. (Antique Store)

I got a few of this tarnished silver dishes last weekend, $2 a piece, and a great place to keep my rings while working in the kitchen.
Plate( Yard Sale)

Old container great for holding kitchen utensils.  (Dishmans Antiques and Salvage)

I found this wooden frame laying outside where I found the metal lamp shade, how cool!
Frame (found) Silver flower plate (Yard Sale) Pretty table cloth (Dirt Cheap)

A friend gave me this old coal bucket, it was used in a jail!  Now, that it has done its time in prison, it can live with me and hold pretty flowers, much better.
Bucket (gift)
I love old mirrors, another collection thats in the making,  This is an old candle holder that I plan to use to hold bows "when I have a little girl"
Future Bow holder (Antique Store)  Mirror (Dishmans)

Love this new candle, Summer Boardwalk from Bath and Body Works.  It smells so yummy!
Had to dress up the ugly cable box.  Doily (from Mom)
 I can't get enough of old mixed with new, and I love being surrounded by interesting things.  I also think its important to get rid of things you aren't using anymore to make room for new great finds, so whether you are going to yard sales, or having one, I think you are on the right track to making a home that you love.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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