Jun 8, 2012

Beach Trip!

Our view :)

Kate and her favorite snack.  Green plums and salt!

Kate's tan-ness. Mer.

Ahhh, finally at the beach!

Panama City 2012

We had a great time this week at the beach, I enjoyed spending quality time with the family so much.  The weather couldn't have been better, (I love when weathermen are wrong!)  Cohen had the best time, he was smiling, talking, walking, dancing the whole trip.  He loved the pool but was not to fond of the beach, because the waves scared him!  Here are my favorite parts of our trip.

1. Eating ice cream at Pier Park everyday, Salted Caramel was my favorite!
2.  Eating peaches from Clanton every morning.
3. Playing in the ocean with Cam and Kate.
4. Bringing Cohen to the pool.
5. Mom made buffalo dip.
6. The yummy crab legs and shrimp from Sharky's.
7. My freckles came out.
8.  Going to Pier Park with Mom, Kate, and Cohen.
9.  Cameron's general hilariousness. 
10.  Seeing Cohen have such a great time.

So much of that had to do with food haha!  But thats ok because my weight Saturday before I left was 121.3, so I was almost at my goal which was good enough for me!  I was pretty proud of myself.  I let myself get a little burned which I am not proud of, but thats almost gone now.  I just hate when I do that!  When you go to the beach with a bunch of tan people who don't need 75 spy sunscreen its kind of hard to remember to put it on!  On a brighter note, I took my new camera, which I love, and snapped some shots of Cohen on the last day.  I love his little model faces, he is so precious to me!

Almost forgot my Challenge update pic, taken last Saturday! Pretty proud I got as close as I did!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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