Jul 15, 2012

The Forties

I love every inch of this photo.  Just three women from the forties dressed up and walking around town in their skirts and heels, they might be doing errands, going to class, or walking to work.  All I know is that one of those girls should be me (probably the one closest, because c'mon, that other girl leaning against the wall is defiantly wondering where she got her shoes...)   I say that because I love this era.  I loved that they wore aprons to cook in.  I would love to see how in the world she got her hair to do that.  (Not something I would ever copy but that is pretty impressive!)  I love that they were always so dressed up.  I mean, my jeans are ok and of course everyone is more comfy in their sweatpants and T-shirts, but I adore this age of fashion, and the timeless beauty it still resonates to this very day.  I bet that if this photo was present day the woman would all be in flip flops, messy buns, and low rise jeans that make even the boniest of girls appear to have a muffin top, and I don't think the women of the forties would be trying to copy us in our everyday attire.   I'm not gonna lie, I wish we still dressed like they did back then (I can actually hear people gasping), but I don't even care, I don't know in what world that someone thinks jeans are more comfy than a skirt.  I love the day I live in now and I love my favorite Lucky Brand Jeans, but my absolute favorite times (the forties and late 1800s) both happen to be when people wore dresses like everyday.  

  Here are some of the reasons I would have loved to live in the forties.

Bathing suits came with matching hair wraps.

1. You get to ride around in a boat looking all fancy while a handsome man paddles it for you.  (I bet this kind of thing happened everyday for women back then...everyday)
2. Shoes where as a big deal back then as they are now.  

3. Gloves people, the woman wheres gloves to drive her car!  How fancy is that?  I wish we still wore gloves, and drove cars as cute as the ones they drove.  I mean I would look ridiculous wearing gloves while driving in my Mazda.

4. Men wore hats like these.  And wrote you love letters.

So somedays I try and do the forties thing, actually I think I wore a skirt everyday this week,  and I don't remember feeling uncomfortable one bit.  I even wore my apron once, although I wished I remembered to wear it every time I cook, just for the fact that I am messy.  Here is the outfit I wore to church today that brought on this post, because one of the sweet girls I teach told me that I looked like I should be in the forties, and which I took it as a compliment :)

I'm off to take a Sunday nap, thanks for reading my ramblings :)

Me, time traveling.  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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