Jul 29, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Mommy & Me Style

Why is he so snugly?  Unfortunately he is even more squirmy...
This week he has been doing some funny things.  He is obsessed with shoes this week and wants me to put them on him all day, I think because the ritual of putting on shoes symbolizes that we are about to go somewhere, which he is all about.  He wants to go play outside all the time, which would be fine but it felt like 100 degrees all week, so I tried to keep him entertained inside as much as possible.  His favorite shoes that he wants to wear are Clarks that are for the fall so they are a couple sizes to big for him, but he tromps around the house in them all day and doesn't seem to mind.  He also learned how to shriek, (I call the sound the shrieking eel) which first had me sprinting into his room in fear only to find him smiling and playing.  Another funny thing he has been doing is wanting to throw things away.  This has been both a good thing in bad thing,  Good because after every diaper change he likes to take the diaper to the trash and throw it away.  Bad because I am finding important household objects in the trash can, such as remotes, shoes, and video game controls (I have to force myself to rescue the game controls)  The most funny is that he brings me items of clothes he wants to put on in the morning, this morning, a Sunday morning, he brought be a pair of jean shorts.  I felt bad telling him "no, those aren't for today" and picking out a more appropriate outfit.  I think what he ended up with was adorable!

On Cohen - Collared shirt (Janie and Jack)  Suspenders, shorts, and sandals (Zara) My FAVORITE!
On Mommy- skirt and wedges (Ruche)  Shirt (Anthropologie) Belt and Purse (thrifted)

Cohen hears a dogs bark in the distance....
Today at church my brother in law, Alex gave a wonderful talk.  It was very appropriate to this week of politics and each side fighting for what they believe in.  He said that we should not be ashamed of what we believe in, if we know it in our hearts to be true, not because someone told us to feel that way, but because we feel it is right.  Tolerance isn't a one way street, and I don't like that people are accused of being intolerant because they believe in something, not because they are judging anyone.  Then there are those who don't really know what they believe, and are so easily swayed one way or the other.  Then there are some that say they really don't know which is the right choice, so they just try and stay out if it.  Whatever the case if there is something you believe in, stand up for it, no matter who uncool it makes you look.  Someone told me something this week that I really needed to hear, and what they said was simply, "Don't be quick to anger."  I feel like I could improve in this area and obviously, many more need to think about that as well.  We don't always know everything, and things aren't always what they seem.  Anger feels like a high, powerful, even, but its a scary thing when anger feels good to someone.  I want to remember not to be quick to anger, to keep the peace within my soul and I know that nothing feels better than that peace.  I am proud to be who I am and proud of the testimony I have and the peace it brings.
Big Bird says it best, everyone should feel as happy as him!  And if you're not, everyday that you wake up and want to change, you can.

I am so excited to be watching the Olympics this week, gymnastics and swimming are my favorites.  I love the tradition of the Olympics, but hate how the Olympians make me feel like a slugsworth, they all are so amazing, dedicated, and strong!

I got the opportunity to go out of town twice this week for photo shoots,  One was in Nashville, and David and I took senior pictures for George Jone's grandson, who was a great guy, very nice, and lucky for me very photogenic.   Then I got to go to Huntsville and do an anniversary shoot for some old high school friends Preston and Janet. They have been dating for 13 years, and married for five, and are the sweetest couple.  I noticed they had what I believe is the key ingredient for a happy marriage and that is laughter.  They didn't take themselves to seriously and genuinely loved being in each other's company.  They were a pleasure to work with!

So happy to have got to do what I love this week!  Such nice people!


Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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