Jul 22, 2012

Sydney's Travel Theme Bridal Shower

This weekend was my sister-in-laws bridal shower!  We worked for a couple of weeks to get ready for it, and it really turned out beautiful.  The food was amazing and so many showed up to shower Sydney with love and wishes!

     Invitation by me!
For guest to leave notes with advice for the bride to be.
Her aunt Heidi's historic home was a beautiful setting!
We used paper planes made from an old book and paint chips plus a heart shaped hole puncher to make the garland.

We turned all of the books around so that the  pages would create a more unified backdrop.

Decoration in windows made from paper towel rolls. 
My little man enjoying the party, and his aunt Sydney!
Made from an old book with a broken spine.
I covered an old canvas I had with sheet and a lace tablecloth (both thrifted) and it covered the TV perfectly.  The curtain under it and the banner are made from thrifted sheets all in her wedding colors.
Old candle holder filled with map and construction paper hearts.
Pretty cake on an old hat box!
Another beautiful hat box.
Yummy punch!

In keeping with the travel theme we had dishes from all around the world!

Opening some great presents!
The Bride and her hostesses, where is Alicia and Tamessa?

I am so happy for Sydney and Jon, and we couldn't have thrown a shower for a sweeter bride to be!

With our collection of vintage suitcases and hat boxes we used at the shower, I thought it would be fun to show some creative ways to use them in decorating.  Suitcases are an easy way to add interest around the home because they symbolize adventure, travel, history, and the many journeys they have been on are visible from every scuff and imperfection on them.  Here are some things I put together.

Stacked hat boxes fill an awkward vertical space.
To add hight to a dresser that could use some.
Small travel case adds some visual interest to a stack of old books.
As a bedside table.  Drill them together to create a sturdy place for a lamp, or use them for storage.

I have seen people to way cool stuff with suitcases, including making dresser drawers out of them, wall hangings, and much more.   Annnnd if the suitcase still is in working condition, I think its a pretty stylish way to travel :)

New Bathroom Decor

I had been collecting tissue paper rolls for over a year!  I finally made something with them, and I think it's a pretty fitting decoration for the bathroom :)

These were easy. 

1. Mark one inch sections on roll
2. Cut them and flatten them
3. Glue them together in the pattern you wish.

My husband kept wondering why I had a big stash of these,  and I'm sure he was beginning to think I was some type of hoarder, and explaining this idea to him just made him look at me really strangely!  I'm glad I finally made them so I could just show him!

So here is the Gentleman and Lady of the master bathroom, which is a pretty tiny master, but it's fine for now!  I got this pair of paintings at an auction, but since Cameron thought they looked scary, I decided to add some humor to them so he wouldn't mind me hanging them!  On Blue Boy and painted a UFO in the background and an iPod in his pockets with headphones in his ears.  For Pinky I put her some cat eyeliner, a pendant necklace, new black flats, and a mermaid tail and pirate ship in the background.  You can find these paintings everywhere for really cheap!  If I had room I would hang His and Hers towel racks underneath the side by side photos, but alas, no room!

No towel rack so my friend Jacinda gave me her old rickety ladder and now I have some storage for towels.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog :)

Faith, trust, and pixie dust.


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