Jul 31, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Blue Jean Baby

Tonight my handsome husband took me on a date for sushi, and then we stopped by the store to buy ice cream so that we could eat it while watching the Olympics.  Tonight is the women's gymnastics and I am so excited!  Right now we are watching synchronized diving and it is amazing!  I can barely jump off a low rock at High Falls and while I am admitting my weaknesses I guess I will also tell you that I can't dive, do a cart-wheel, snap, or whistle....wow that sounds pretty PAAAH-THE-TIC.  And as I sit on the couch eating a bowl of cookie dough ice cream and watch these insanely talented athletes, my only comfort is that I did go to the gym earlier today.  
I wanted to blog about Plato's closet today.  It's where I got most of this outfit, and while I can't really call it a thrift store (even though its used clothes) or call it consignment ) because technically it is not that either, I think the items from there can count as being from a "high end" thrift store, which I have only heard about but never been too, so they are my version!  You can find tons of denim there, all from brand names.  They are also a great place to find jewelry, shoes, and tops for super cheap.  And if you are lucky, they might even buy your clothes from you and give you cash right there.  I usually never go without bringing a basket of clothes to try and sell.  I love cleaning out my closet and getting rid of the stragglers, always makes me happy and makes room for new pretties! I got these Lucky Brand jeans from there and love them, they make my legs look super long, although my husband took these pics in an angle that foreshortens my legs anyway and makes my head look huge!  Oh my goodness, oh well, just believe me when I say, they do make my legs look longer than usual thus making them my favorites.  I love layering lace on lace because the tho sheer layers together creates a modest result which you couldn't achieve without wearing both.  I adore a pop of vibrant color too, such as this flower pin, to finish an outfit off. 

Cardigan (Dirt Cheaped) Top, Jeans (Plato's) Purse (thrifted) Shoes (Ruche) Flower pin (Charlotte Russe)

I love my new-old jeans (even though I barely wear jeans anymore!) and its nice to finally find that favorite go-to pair :)

Time to devote my night to Olympics watching with my favorite boys.


Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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