Jul 24, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: True Blue

This thrifted tuesday has a lot of blue, so I had to reference a Bright Eyes song for the title of this post!  Firstly, my awesome brother is living with me for the summer and I think he has become pretty acclimated to living here,  he reads Cohen's books to him in hilarious accents, drinks green juice, works out, and even has gone to the thrift store with me to see if he could find some new threads.  He always has been a fan of the thrift store, usually skipping the clothes section (unless he needed some ridiculous costume) and heading to the books (he is a huge fan of Second & Charles) and electronics in search of old systems.  He surprised me with a Sega Genesis he found one year for Christmas.  He even found Aladdin, my favorite game!  I was thrilled.  When we went together recently he found this plaid American Eagle shirt, which he loves because someone has worn it out so thin, that it's not to hot to wear in the summer.  One of the best parts of thrifting is, that someone else does the wearing out for you, which sometimes can be just what you want.  

shirt (thrifted)  Thanks for being on my blog buddy :)!! Love you!!

 Shoe Makeover

On a Thrifted Tuesday blog, Lacy Days, I ruined these woven sandals while stepping on bazillions of squishy dark purple mulberries.  I decided I would dye them with Rit Dye, and chose a navy color to match my new navy straw hat.  Here are my poor shoes before.

1. Fill sink or bucket with hot water.  
2. Add item you want to dye and make sure its covered with water. (you may want to do a test swatch first)
3.  Add the packet of dye and stir.
4. Leave in until desired color (you can take out early if you want a lighter effect)
5. Rinse with cold water until water runs clear.
6. Let Dry
7. I went over some rough spots with a dark blue sharpy that didn't absorb the dye.
8. Promptly clean your sink out!
9. Enjoy!

Shirt (yard sale)  Belt (thrifted)  Skirt (thrifted) Purse (thrifted)
Shoes (old forever 21)

This weekend I entered a contest at Chloe Loves Charlie, and the contest was to come up with a name for a new dress they selling on their website.  It was of course a BLUE dress that was very pretty.  I came up with about 3 names and they picked one, "Midnight in Paris." I was so excited that I won, and for my prize I got a $50 gift card for ChloeLovesCharlie.com!  I'm so excited to visit the site this week and see the dress that I got to name!  I wish someone would hire me to come up with names for clothes...for some reason that sounds like the funnest job ever. 

 Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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