Aug 26, 2012

Sunday Style and Thoughts

I haven't posted in a couple weeks, reasons to follow, but I had a minute today and thought I could get out some creative energy on here. 

 I love this outfit so much!  The graphic print of this skirt from Ruche makes she who wears it stand out, and pencil skirts are great by themselves anyways.  The next thing I love about it is the fact that the shirt is a vintage bodysuit I got on Etsy.  I got it so I could layer sheer shirts on top of it and it makes me kinda feel like a ballerina whenever I wear it!  The Etsy listing said it was from 1980 :)  I love how seamlessly body suits fit under skirts.

Bodysuit (Etsy shop) Skirt (Ruche) Shoes (Nine West) Flower (forever 21) Lace cardigan (Thrifted) Clutch (Thrifted) Gold bangle (Heather Belle) Necklace (AE)

Update on Life

Two weeks ago, me and my father in law ran to the post office to mail some cds.  He had some senior pictures he was going to take later and he also said he was going to Best Buy first to buy a new flash.  Sadly, life had other plans, and he suffered a stroke shortly after we got home.  He was a healthy man who never got sick, never smoke or drank, never had health problems.  It is scary how quickly and drastically a stroke can occur.  After we got him to the hospital emotions ran high and we all prayed and cried, not ready to let go of him.  Soon the doctors came in and told us that there was hope and that with time, he could learn to speak and move his right side again.  All I wanted to know was that he was going to be himself, because I love my father in law so much.  I had no idea what a friend he was to me and how important he was in my life until this happened.  He has taught me so much and has been an amazing grandfather to my son, and a best friend to my husband.  He lives a house down from me and stops in several times a day to hang out and see Cohen.  Now that I am home every time I hear the screen door open I feel like it might be him and it makes me sad, I miss him.  I'm still not used to him being so far away.  The good news is he is starting to speak a few words, and I can tell by the expressions on his face and the look in his eyes that he is still him.  I can't wait for him to be back home!  I am so thankful for the many prayers for him and for our family.  I believe that is why he is still with us.  He has so much to do and so many that love him and need him.  This struggle will be his greatest challenge yet, but I know he is strong enough to pull through.  

Sydney, my sister in law got married last weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding, and though it was bittersweet, she held it together so well.  Her wedding was beautiful ( I will post about it soon) and I cant wait for her to be back from Hawaii because I miss her so much! And because she got me a prize :)

So life looks like it will be a little busier than it has before.  I am running David Compton Photography until he is well and cannot say how thankful I am for what he has taught me.  Also we will be back and forth from home to Birmingham a lot for a while so we can be with David as much as possible.  I am just so thankful he is improving everyday!  I'll try and not stay gone so long again :)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Aug 12, 2012

Dance Magic, Dance: My Love Story

Once upon a time, years before I was born, in a sweet southern town, two best friends were giggling, gossiping, and dreaming about their futures.  While flipping through magazines and sharing secrets about boyfriends, I imagine them wishing the same thing I wished for with my childhood best friends. That was that when they each got married and had kids, that their kids would become best friends, or would even get married, and they would have a connection for the rest of their lives.  I guess they really did make this wish because many years later, that wish came true.  Here is my mom and mother in law in high school.  They went everywhere together, lived at each others houses, and were as close as two friends could be.  They were the girls who were to cool for school, and if you look closely to their yearbook pep rally photos, you can spot them in the back row rolling their eyes!  This is my favorite photo of them from their Junior yearbook.  

They both got married and drifted apart, although always keeping in touch through the years.  My mom had me in 1985, and her best friend Becky had her first son, Cameron the year later.  My mother said that when I saw new baby Cameron for the first time I gave him a kiss on the cheek.  They would reunite over the years when me and Cameron were children, and we would play together.  I remember is bowl cut and big bright smile. He remembers my glasses and long red braids.  As we got into our high school years we lived in different states, and my mom sent Becky my senior picture, at which point Cameron showed it to his friends and said that I was his girlfriend.  I had no idea at the time but was so flattered when I found out!  I moved to back home to Alabama for college, and Cameron and I were an hour away for 5 years before we reunited for the first time.  

Lets go back to that magical day when I heard his voice for the first time since we were children.  
I was sitting alone in my apartment watching the my favorite childhood movie, the Labyrinth, something very comforting to me.  Me and my boyfriend of a few months had just ended our relationship and I although I was sad, I was eager to start my single gal life, because I hadn't been really single in 5 years.  A scary yet exciting new chapter was about to unfold.

  I was just settling in to my new found independence from love when, "RING, RING"!  My phone was aglow with a strange area code and unknown number when I hesitantly decided to answer.  It was a boy, with a very eager and excited voice, almost like a game show host's voice, on the line.  He stated that he was Patrick, friend of a great single guy named Cameron Compton.  He suggested that me and Cameron go on a date, because he, like me, just got out of a relationship, and on the very same day as I did.  Future investigations proved that our mothers had spoken and discussed our newly found relationship statuses, and had employed Patrick to set up the longtime anticipated date of Cameron and I.  According to our mothers, we were a perfect match.  I had seen Cameron's photo his Facebook page before,  and found him to have outgrown his bowl cut and transformed into what I deemed as the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen.  The photo was artistically composed, black and white, and could only belong to the profile of an extremely cool person.  So when Patrick wanted to know if I was available to date with my dream guy, I panicked (was I ready to go on a date? I mean I just because single!), said I was busy, and that Cameron could call me back if he wanted.  Then I prayed that he would.  Little did I know that he was unaware that Patrick called me, and when he found out, he immediately called me to prove that he was man enough to ask his dates out on his own!   When he called me about an hour later I agreed to go on a date with him without hesitation.  I couldn't allow myself not to go, something just felt so right about it.  It felt like the stars were beginning to align and like magic was dancing all around me.  We met at a concert the next day and the rest is history!

Three years after our first date I still remember watching my future husband walk towards me in the pouring rain, with his same boyish, big, bright smile that made me feel like the sun had just burst through all of the storm clouds.  The concert got rained out, but our love never did.  

Engagement shot :)  Getting me flowers from the flower cart :)
There is the infamous Patrick, dancing in the background behind Cam and I.

Our love keeps growing!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Love Cassidy

Aug 9, 2012

Fall Cravings

Its almost mid August and fall still seems so far away!  Although I love late summer, the fall just cannot be beat.  I'm craving some brisk air and all of the cozy opportunities it will bring.  This week all of my favorite stores released their fall lookbooks and I am beyond ready, although I'm so happy that in Alabama it gets cold much later in the season and by then all of this warm and cozy stuff will be on sale!  The same goes for Cohen's clothes.  Baby Gap already has sweaters out, and I know they will be like 90% off in like 3 months when he will actually need them!  

Necklace, boots, purse ( Watch (UO) Tights ( Socks (free People)( Wear them under the boots!)  Backpack or Diaper Bag for me (Free People)
Cameron already got me that double face watch, (he is the sweetest) but its my favorite thing right now so I had to give it a spot.  As for the other things, collecting them virtually in a little bundle of pictures for my blog will have to suffice to actual ownership....sigh....

When I put together an fall outfit to wear, it reminds me of making my plate at Thanksgiving.  As I spoon stuffing, turkey, and bread on the plate my eyes (and tummy) are craving something with a fresh flavor, like something green, or deep red like cranberry sauce, just to balance the flavors out and add some variation.  Balance basically.  Outfits are the same way.  If you have your neutral basics on your eye tends to crave a rich purple, a pop of green, a bold pattern, and somethings that catches the light like a metallic or some kind of jewelry, just to balance it all out!  So when you are getting dressed just look at your outfit, think about what your eye "craves" and fine something to finish it off!  I think I've been watching to much Daria because I feel like Quinn Morgendorffer comparing fashion to a holiday meal in a Lawndale High Weekly column.  LOL, I am so happy they are showing Daria on MTV again!  Fun, Fun, Fun.  

"Ewww! Those jeans are way to bead-dazzled"

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust