Aug 9, 2012

Fall Cravings

Its almost mid August and fall still seems so far away!  Although I love late summer, the fall just cannot be beat.  I'm craving some brisk air and all of the cozy opportunities it will bring.  This week all of my favorite stores released their fall lookbooks and I am beyond ready, although I'm so happy that in Alabama it gets cold much later in the season and by then all of this warm and cozy stuff will be on sale!  The same goes for Cohen's clothes.  Baby Gap already has sweaters out, and I know they will be like 90% off in like 3 months when he will actually need them!  

Necklace, boots, purse ( Watch (UO) Tights ( Socks (free People)( Wear them under the boots!)  Backpack or Diaper Bag for me (Free People)
Cameron already got me that double face watch, (he is the sweetest) but its my favorite thing right now so I had to give it a spot.  As for the other things, collecting them virtually in a little bundle of pictures for my blog will have to suffice to actual ownership....sigh....

When I put together an fall outfit to wear, it reminds me of making my plate at Thanksgiving.  As I spoon stuffing, turkey, and bread on the plate my eyes (and tummy) are craving something with a fresh flavor, like something green, or deep red like cranberry sauce, just to balance the flavors out and add some variation.  Balance basically.  Outfits are the same way.  If you have your neutral basics on your eye tends to crave a rich purple, a pop of green, a bold pattern, and somethings that catches the light like a metallic or some kind of jewelry, just to balance it all out!  So when you are getting dressed just look at your outfit, think about what your eye "craves" and fine something to finish it off!  I think I've been watching to much Daria because I feel like Quinn Morgendorffer comparing fashion to a holiday meal in a Lawndale High Weekly column.  LOL, I am so happy they are showing Daria on MTV again!  Fun, Fun, Fun.  

"Ewww! Those jeans are way to bead-dazzled"

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


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