Sep 25, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: My Record Time Dress

Short Story Time-

It was a dreary Monday morning.  Cohen had eaten his "breakfee" and was rambunctiously running around the house.  I flipped on Sesame Street for him to watch as I tried to sit down on the computer and work on some photo's.  It wasn't long before my little man was at my side, grabbing my hand and motioning me to follow him.  "Momma, Momma," he would say clearly and purposefully, so I couldn't ignore his persistence, and cuteness.  He led me to the front door and said "side" translating to, "I'd like to go outside please."  I opened the front door and looked up at the grey sky, covered with heavy clouds.  The faint smell of impending rain and the approaching dark horizon made it clear that our walk would have to be here and now or not at all, or he would be disappointed by having to stay in all say.  I quickly burned a photo cd I needed to mail anyway and strapped him in his stroller.  He could not contain his excitement as we made our way out of the door and began our walk downtown to the post office.  As we walked it felt nice and cool and I was thankful for him urging me out of the house.  When we got to the post office I looked across the street and noticed the small thrift store among the long row of antique stores.  I had been in there before, and was not impressed, after all it was very small and never had much room for furniture, mostly figurines and usual collective junk.  I had been wanting to go the thrift store for a while so it just reminded me that I should go to the big one across town.  After I mailed my cd and walked back outside, the little thrift store caught my eye once again, calling to me, so I felt like I should give it another try.  I looked up at the sky, even more full with clouds that looked so grey and heavy with water they would give at any second.  I decided I would go and be very quick, after all, it was so small and the stroller had a cover in case it rained.  As for me, I don't mind a walk in the rain.   As I squeezed my oversized jogger through the cluttered isles of assorted junk, I was questioning my decision.  I filed through a rack of boy clothes and found a flannel shirt that would be great for Cohen to wear over his new fox t-shirt, premitting that the weather would ever get cold enough for him to wear the combo.  As I made my way to the back I was not impressed by the selection of women's clothes, but the prices all seemed to be fair.  As I was passing through the dresses a white peter pan color glimmered in the corner of my eye.  I reached up and turned it around and smiled the biggest smile I had ever smiled in a thrift store.  This was just like the dress I had been pining for on Modcloth for some time.  The Modcloth dress, with its charming name, the "Record Time Dress", was a too short for me adorable black dress with a white peter pan collar.  Simple, classic, understated, perfect in every way.  It quickly sold out and I dreamed of finding the same dress only longer.  Well, the magnetic pull into this shabby thrift store was all but destiny.  The dress was $3.00, my size, knee length, and I even scored a pair of faux pearl earrings for .50 at checkout.  The nice lady running the place even gave Cohen a toy for free.  As we made our way back home, Cohen was busy discovering the world around him as the first droplets of rain began to fall.  He laughed as the drops hit his forehead and I was busy daydreaming of getting my own "Record Time" dress back from the cleaners, slipping it on with my yellow flats, and filing through my father in law's record collection.

Earrings and Dress (thrifted)  Shoes ( Bracelet (from Mom) Chair (auction) Records (Father in Law)

Here is the "Record Time Dress" story from Modcloth that inspired this blog post.

When the week is over, it’s time to flop your olive anorak and striped satchel on your bed, kick off your yellow ballet flats, and set your favorite album on the turntable. As the record starts to spin, so does the pleated A-line skirt of your black, mod-inspired dress. With its white Peter Pan collar, short sleeves, and exposed zipper, this simple, sweet shift is the perfect dance partner. Its slight stretch fabric hugs your torso as you twirl and hop through your room, exercising all those dance moves you’ve kept bottled up during the busy week. Your tunes have your toes tapping in an instant, but it’s your adorable outfit that has you dancing for joy!---Modcloth

How to thrift-

Many people say they don't know how to thrift store shop, and that they don't know how I come across some of this awesome stuff!  A part of it is luck, and a part it can come from following some guidelines/advice I have learned along the way!  Here are some ways to make your thrifting more fruitful!

1.  Have something specific in mind you are hunting.  An example is this dress from Modcloth, the  "Record Time Dress."  If I had not seen this cute dress I might have walked passed it racks, but since it was stuck in my mind as something I wanted to find a version of, I had luck!  This also requires a slight obsession with clothes that you see online and won't rest until you have it or something similar!

2.  Look for textures that stand out.  Textured items were probably quite pricey when they first were bought and well made, so they would be good investment pieces to add to your wardrobe for cheap!  They are easy to spot even squeezed between hundreds of hangers and they are worth pulling and checking out.  Look for pencil skirts, dresses, and blazers!

3.  Don't pass something up that is wrinkled or stained.  You can iron it, send it to the cleaners, or cover up that little stain with a flower clip.   If its the wrong color, grab some ritt dye and dye it whatever color you need it to be!  This skirt has the cutest print and colors, don't pass on it because of the wrinkles!  You could pair it with a cream cardigan, mustard tights and brown mary janes.  

4.  Dont forget to check the kids section.  Kids grow so fast that their special occasion and dressy items are not that worn, such as church shoes.  I also look for interesting colors, like these cute green overalls!

5.  Look for vintage pieces that have come back in style, like these cap toe flats.  Every store carries cap toe flats right now!  Other vintage styles are pleated skirts, denim jackets, rompers, and bodysuits.

6.  Need a slip?  I always do, and I need them in muliple lengths, so I stop by the lingerie section.  Ignore the used undies, thats kinda gross, and continue on to the huge selection of slips at every thrift store!  I like finding them in pretty colors, like red and black, and of course they have a ton of white and nude.

7. Lastly check out the furniture and dish section, you could end up bringing home something great and Anthropologie inspired for your home.  Frames are always plentiful as well!

8.  And one more thing, don't buy it if you don't love it, even if it is a dollar, it will end up back where you found it!  If you do love it, don't worry about "what you will wear with it."  Just get it and get creative when you get home, it will force you!

Hope this helps!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love Cassidy


Trucks at the Track was a collection of food trucks from around the Birmingham area at the Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham.  My favorite thing was a banana spice popsicle, from a company called Steel City Pops.  The blood orange was amazing as well!

1. Cam got amps....and I got a bottle of headache meds
2.  Cohen and Jude taking a ride in Jude's Mercedes.
3.  Me and Judson celebrating his bday at the Ben Folds show in Atlanta.
4.  Met Ben Folds!
5.  Me and my crest kid hubby
6.  Dark Chocolate, Ireland Cheddar, and blackberry plate I made from Whole Foods.
7. On a walk with Cohen!
6.  At our yard sale!
7.  My usual photography uniform.

Me and Cohen have been going on many many walks, as this was one of my goals.  I try to take as many pictures as I can, this little boy is growing up so fast!!

I am so sorry but I have to post-pone thrifted Tuesday until tomorrow as it was not ready from the cleaners!  DANG!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Love, Cassidy

Sep 18, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Reminiscence

Please Play and Read :)

Today was my husbands off day, so naturally he wanted to spend it rummaging through thrift stores with me.  Well, not really his ideal day but he was nice enough to take me and we had a lot of fun.  Cohen picked out a pair of black church shoes and I got this dress!  I've always had a soft spot in my heart for these "Full House" dresses.  I guess its my inner connection to the 90's, which I loved everything about.  I should have been in my 20's in the 90's, sporting crop tops and basically Cher Horowitz's entire closet complete with plaid skirts and white Mary-Jane's, but alas, I was a wee preteen who had no business wearing any of those things.  In the fifth grade, I had this one silver skirt and silver knee highs to match and that was my favorite "Clueless" inspired outfit.  As for now, when I see anything 90's, flannel shirts, floral flowy dresses, and crop tops, I give my respect to my 90's days and all of the comfort associated with those memories.  

I paired this dress with cowboy booties and a braided belt for a more western feel.  I love wearing a simple dress on casual days like today, way more comfy that a pair of jeans.  It is starting to feel like Fall outside and if it weren't for the pesky mosquito's I could have stayed outside all day.  

Dress, gold bracelet (thrifted) Belt (old)  Bangle, Necklace, and Ring (Ruche) Booties (Forever 21)
Tonight, I am wearing my new dress to the Ben Folds Concert in Atlanta.  My sister got my brother Judson a ticket for his birthday and I am taking him and we are both excited because we have never seen him before.  I am also relieved that we got seats instead of general admission, I am a a wimp about standing around at concerts for too long.

 I am already so excited about next Thrifted Tuesday post!  I found my subject yesterday but since it needs to go to the cleaners, it has to wait until next week!

  Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love Cassidy

Sep 16, 2012

Sunday Style: Mommy & Me 2

When it comes to dressing Cohen, my husband is my biggest style influence. He loves to pair unexpected textures and patterns. Very rarely will he wear the black pants, black shoes, white shirt combo to church, he has to put his own spin on it, he likes to be distinctive in that way I guess, expressing his personality with houndstooth ties and dark crimson pants and a pair of hightop black Toms, and his classic white Polo button down.  Sometimes he will mix a checked pattern shirt with a diamond pattern tie, and he always pulls it off with his boyish, relaxed, and a style that is exclusively Cameron Compton.
So today with Cohen, I did a mini Cam look, with a grey flannel button down, mustard bow tie, navy blue pattered cuff pants, grey socks with navy trim, and classic brown oxfords.
As for me, I'm obsessed with the teal and red combination, and this real shirt from Modcloth has tiny ruffle sleeves and a black trim that feels so interesting to me when paired with a red orange flower pin and black chunky heels. I was desperately craving my red lipstick with this outfit but as I was about to put it on in the car I realized I had left it in my camera bag from the nights before, curses!

On Mommy: Shirt (Modcloth) Skirt (The Limited) Flower (Forever21) Shoes (Nine West) Headband (Ruche)
On Cohen: Bow Tie (Mommys Creativity Shop, Etsy) Shirt (Baby Gap) Pants and shoes (Zara)

Hope you like our Sunday Style, thanks for stopping by!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love, Cassidy Compton

Sep 11, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Autumn Rush

Today was the day I pulled out my sweaters and tights from storage in hopes that this perfect September weather is here to stay.  No its not cold, or even chilly, but the edge of the summer sun is gone, and you can stay outside without sweating and even leave the air conditioning off in the house.  I am excited about all of the new Fall lookbooks as well, and they inspired me to put this look together.  Last month my Dad and Stacey took me and Cohen to the thrift store around there side of town, which was exciting because I had never explored it before.  I found a ton of good stuff, like the vintage blue romper for Cohen, an old wooden highchair,  my flats for my bridesmaids dress in Sydney's wedding, and these shoes and bracelet!  These shoes looked like they had never been worn and I could tell they were old by the way the heel was shaped.  They remind me of the 1940's and I love the rich berry color.  I am so happy they took me to this great thrift store!

Heels, bracelet (thrifted) Tights (Free People) Dress & Shaw (Ruche) Watch (UO) Headband (Dirt Cheaped)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
LOVE Cassidy

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Sep 9, 2012

Sunday Style and Thoughts: Heirloom Affair

Please play as you read :)

 Sunday Style: Heirloom Affair

It all began on a Sunday morning not to long ago, about 6 hours ago to be exact.  I woke up to the precise knowledge of exactly what I would be wearing today to church.  I have been pining over this lace and tulle dress for quite sometime and it finally came in the mail this week.  When I know what I am wearing to church, I get there on time, its as easy as that.  I love everything about this outfit because of the way it makes me feel, and that's what the love of fashion is all about to me, the way it makes you feel.  It is what we live our lives in, what our husbands tell us we look beautiful in, and the ritual of it all.  We women have been embracing fashion through the ages, using it to express ourselves, to show our style, and its reflection of who we are.  Whether we are feeling cozy, glamorous, fun, romantic, classic, or natural,  however we are feeling, we can dress to express.  

Dress (Ruche) Shoes (Nine West) Clutch (Old) Earrings and Ring (Ruche)
I wore my favorite ring today, its a delicate gold ring with Cohen's birthstone inside.  I love symbolic jewelry and this is my one symbolic piece.  I love asking someone where they got a interesting piece of jewelry and hearing the story of where it came from or who gave it to them.  My neighbor Linda, across the street let me take these pics on her beautiful front porch, I love that I get to have her house as my front view, but feel bad that she has to look at mine!  We desperately need some landscape help expertise!

Here is my favorite man in his cool outfit, I think he was inspired by some Roll Tide pride when he dressed himself this morning.  
So this week we had a lovely bridal shower for my cousin Cherre, and as always it was fun to be around my cousins, especially since it was the first time we were over the shower planning instead of our Aunts.  The maid of honor did a wonderful job planning and delegating and it couldn't have been prettier.  I guess we are really grown ups now!  It was also a rainy day and I had to pluck my baby out of the mud, he feel in face first and his feet were sticking straight in the air, he thought it was pretty funny, I think he is going to have the best sense of humor!

My father in law is still in rehab at UAB, I think for a while that will be the case.  Prayers have been answered all the while for us and I know he still needs them, as well as the whole family.  He gets to watch the Alabama games in his room with his children and I know that must bring him a lot of happiness.  Cameron loves watching the games with his dad and thats one thing that will never change.

I was so excited to be featured on the ShopRuche blog this week! Check it out here!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust