Sep 2, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

A few hours ago me and my two favorite guys finally came home after three weeks of staying at my moms.  I had gotten a little too used to her home cooked meals and the wonderful help with Cohen, especially as I was rooted to the computer seat editing pics during the days, but it feels good to be back home and take a swing at this new reality.  I know Cohen will miss being there and I'm so thankful they opened their home to us for that long while we visited my father in law in the hospital.

As I opened our door and walked in, I had to brush off a couple cobwebs off as I made it inside.  I noticed the house smelled old, not a bad smell, just like the smell of a place that no one had lived in for a while.  The first thing I did what light a bunch of candles that make the air much more home-y.  Then I took a broom and got rid of all the spiders that resided in almost every corner.  I left a few alive, and hope that the lucky spiders will repay me by killing a brown recluse or other annoying pest, as I hear they do.  Then I put a load of laundry in and unpacked an insane amount of clothes, all the while Cohen snoring sweetly in his room. Perfect.  Finally, I sent Cameron to the store to get some necessary supplies (diapers, wipes, milk) while I set up my new workspace.  Two IMacs, two keyboards, lots of files and folders, and little old me right in the middle of it all.  It feels good to finally be set up and ready to start a new routine.  

With new responsibility came a wave of ambitious thoughts pouring into my head.  All of the sudden there are so many things I want to do, try, and make every minute count like it never has before.  I want to take Cohen on a new adventure at least once a week.  I want to illustrate a children's book that my mom has an idea for.  I want to start designing clothes, but still do not want to learn to sew.   I want to fix up the studio and have all kinds of ideas for it.   I want to have a yard sale in the near future.  I want to express myself through art like never before and read as many books on photography, art, and design as I can.  I want to take pictures that are unlike anyone else, and be inspired by the photographers I love and discover ones I haven't.  I want to still work out and make green juice.  I want to take Cohen on a walk everyday and explore the world through his eyes.  I want to make a delicious dinner for my husband at least twice a week haha.  And finally I want to read the scriptures as a family every night.

Are those ambitious ambitions or what?  Sure, they are pretty domesticated dreams, but they are my dreams.

I had a dream the other night that I was talking to David about a new idea he had (very typical of David) and we were tossing ideas back and forth.  In the dream I was aware of his stroke and it was as if a year had passed since it happened.  He was completely himself and what a lovely and comforting dream that was.  Please keep praying for my father in law and his children, that they will all be comforted and that his recovery will be as speedy and miraculous as we could ever hope for.  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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