Oct 28, 2012

Sweet Nostalgia

Maybe I was subconsciously aware that the Primary program was today at church and that might be what inspired the nostalgic choices of this outfit.  Precious pink shiny T-straps with a cute gold buckle paired with an oversized polka print sweater wrapped me up in comfort today as I confronted this bright and blustery day.  

Shoes (Modcloth) Purse and Sweater (Ruche) Velvet Skirt (Thrifted)

As I mentioned before the Primary program was today and it was so sweet to listen to the kids sing and speak.  Some where shy, and some were not, but they all were amazingly proud to be a member of the Church.  One of the songs they sang brought be back to when I was an itty bitty Primary child, and me and my Uncle preformed the same song.  It is called "A Child's Prayer" and is usually preformed by a child and adult.  As they sang it I pictured myself up there, a long time ago, so small and all dressed up.  I remember feeling brave as I stood so tiny at the pulpit in front of the congregation, but maybe that was because my wonderful Uncle was by my side.  Mom had dressed me in a pretty white dress and I distinctly remember my favorite part of the outfit being my hair which she had in a bun and fixed it with a pretty metal hair piece that fit over the circle of the bun, and then had a little metal stick that you ran through the middle to hold the bun in place.  It reminded me of something a princess would wear, so I was thrilled to show it off.  Here are the sweet lyrics of the song that the sweet children sang today.

Heavenly Father, are you really there?
and do you hear and answer every child's prayer.
Some people say that Heaven is far away,
but i feel it close around me as i pray.
Heavenly Father, i remember now,
something that Jesus told Disciples long ago.
Suffer the children to come to me,
Father in prayer I'm coming now to thee.
Pray, He is there.
Speak, He is listening.
You are his child,
his love now surrounds you.
He hears your prayer,
He loves the children,
of such is the Kingdom,
the Kingdom of Heav'n
(Child and Mother/Father verses sung together) x1

When ever I feel scared, or need to feel at peace, I sing this song in my head.  All I could think about is how proud I will be when my little guy is big enough to stand up there and sing!

This week I was so honored to have a guest post on the lovely blog, Predefined Taste!  It is called Thrifting 101 and it would mean so much for me if you there and check it out!  Also take a moment to follow Predifined Taste!  Lia, the author, has a gift for informative and relatable writing!  I adore her blog and know you will too!!

Another fun happening on the blog is coming up because my friend Melanie, from A Modern Dame, and I, are doing a vintage dress swap!  She lives all of the way in California and this week we decided to swap dresses to see how each other will style them!  It is also fun because it gives us a new dress to blog about!  I am so lucky to have met Melanie and will always consider her a Blogging Bestie!  Melanie does multiple outfit post every week which I love and find so exciting!  Make sure you stop by and follow her too!

Finally, I would love for you to check out the latest Ruche blog I was featured in!  It is about how to take a skirt from Spring to Fall and also shows a couple of recent Fall outfits I've blogged about.  Oh you know, just my favorite store ever featuring me, no big deal.  Seriously, I am still beyond thrilled!

Well it looks like it will be a week full of editing pictures and hopefully getting some Halloween costume plans together!  Doesn't look like Cohen will be a fox this year but I have another good idea in store!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
LOVE Cassidy

Oct 26, 2012

The 1930's

I will go ahead and apologize in advance for the graininess of these pics and for the extra dramatic posing.  Although I don't really have a good excuse for the graininess, (I kind of rushed this, napping baby and all), the drama queen posing was kind of me getting lost in the 1930's femininity I was trying to capture with this outfit.  

The deed on our house states that it was built in 1931, and that is what I love most about it.  It still has so much of its original character which can be annoying to some, but endearing to a girl like me.  Other than the Great Depression the 30s had some other things to remember, and my favorite is the fashion.  It was after the sultry and glam styles of the 20's and some where in between the 40's when fashion had just the right touch of femininity while at the same time being inspired by menswear.  There was usually a tailored element and heavy fabric either on a skirt or trousers, paired with a soft and gentle feminine top with graceful details.  Hair was usually rolled and swept up in something like a chignon.  That was a a bit to ambitious for my nap time/blogging deadline!  

For this look I was imagining what the lady of the house would put together just before she went out running errands, and while I added a few modern touches, I loved the masculine/feminine combo of this look!

Hat & Top-Ruche
Skirt & Belt-Forever 21
Tights-Old, Target
Bracelet-made from broken headband
Camera Case-Vintage

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love, Cassidy

Oct 24, 2012

Birthday Wish List!

It's that time of year again.  November 4th swiftly approaching and its Birthday wish list time!  I love all of these items and dream about owning each of them!  

Gold Bow Necklace-Etsy
Lace Camera Strap-Ruche
Ello! Worm from Labyrinth- Etsy (I want him to greet my guest as they come in!)
Lady Like Coat-Ruche
Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo

I dream of all of these things!  But if you don't want to get me any of these things I will always be happy with a trip to Taco Casa :)  That will always be number one on my wish list!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Oct 21, 2012

Sunday Style: Houndstooth and Bows

 I so look forward to college game days and all of the excitement that they bring.  I guess what I like most about rooting for a team is the anticipation of not knowing what is going to happen and the magic that comes with an athlete doing something amazing that never fails to thrill.   Football season has been making its mark in the fashion world.  People are getting creative on how to work their teams colors into their wardrobes without the use of a T-shirt or jersey, and I especially love how houndstooth is being Incorporated into everything from pea-coats to flats.  As most of you know, my team is the University of Alabama, and as usual we are number one again this week.  We won the championship last year and this year has also looked very impressive to the fact that we might make it to play in the championship again!  Our colors are fabulous for Fall!  Crimson, white, black, grey, and houndstooth can all be found on anything Alabama related.  I chose to wear this houndstooth skirt today as a subtle celebration of my team spirit!  

Top and Purse (RUCHE) Shoes (Modcloth) Skirt (thrifted)

Have you been creatively working your teams colors into your Fall outfits?  I would love to hear from you!  ROLL TIDE!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Oct 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We finally went to the pumpkin patch!  Cohen had a wonderful time and said the word pumpkin a whole, whole lot.  We took a hay ride to what was more like a pumpkin "batch" then "patch", and got to choose our very own pumpkin.  I am still determined to go to a real patch one day, but this one was pretty great.  It got me in the mood for Fall and this weekend we are going to carve our pumpkins and let Cohen paint his.


The ONE!

Today we walked down to the Attalla Heritage Day and it was my goal to try every food they had, except BBQ because I am just not that crazy about that.  We tried polish sausage, roasted corn on the cob, fried Oreo's and boiled peanuts.  Cohen's favorite was the corn.  I also stopped by a yard sale and got some vintage lace so I can sew it on to the hem of a dress and a cute zigzag crochet throw (below).

I love all of the colors of this throw!  I love a good yard sale find!  This was $5, and I love the pop of color it adds to the living room.  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
love, Cassidy