Oct 11, 2012

A Sweet Fall Wedding

My cousin Cherre had a beautiful and sweet October wedding last weekend.  She looked like a vision in her lace dress, pearls, and fresh flowers tucked into a pretty side braid.  I loved her simple makeup, and adorable brown flats!  What I loved most about her wedding was the simple color palette, it was perfect for Fall.  There was a cozy feel in the air as family gathered around to witness such a special moment.  They sipped on chocolate milk after trying the delicious cakes by my Aunt.  I stole them away for a few intimate shots, and I love the way they turned out!

We had a recent logo change with our company name change!  Our final decision was the C in Compton in a musical font, reflective of its owner, David, with the C enclosing the o, symbolizing a circle of family forever, which is the most important thing to David.  It is shown in a few photo's here and we are excited to have it as our new logo!  

My mom took a few pics of me after the wedding for a short style post.  I actually ended up freezing in this outfit and was so regretting not wearing my outfit that included tights and tall boots that would have kept me much more warm!  This Alabama weather is so unpredictable!  I loved this outfit in spite of how cold I was.  As my mother always joked, "It's better to look good then to feel good!" Lol. 

Boots (Forever 21),  Dress (Ruche),  Shirt (Yard sale),  Watch (UO),  Flower (Charlotte Russe),  Bag (Antique Camera Case)
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. Your mom is wise. Pain is exactly what I go through whenever I wear heels to school. I'm pretty sure my feet will get back at me with some form of arthritis when I'm older. Oh well.

    I loved your outfit though :) And your cousin is so gorgeous! Her brown flats are also so different from the usual satin pumps brides wear. It was so elegant and simple. Love it!

    Looking great as ever with your outfit Cassidy. What is the name of the dress from Ruche? Or is it no longer available?

  2. Hey Lia! It was called the Enchanted Garden Floral Dress and I believe I got one of the last ones! The bodice is hard to see in these pics but it has that "Juliet" look going on in the bust area, I fell in love! Thank you for your sweet comment! Made my night! :)