Oct 14, 2012

Sunday Style: Pretty-Cozy

Today I was so excited to wear this cozy scarf to church, where the temperatures are usually around sub-zero.  Getting dressed this morning was pretty effortless, because after I threw my hair up I really just threw on something to wear my pretty shawl over!  Not only did it cover my shoulders but it was long enough to cover up my legs at the same time.  It is impossibly soft and just having something so comforting touching your skin is such a cozy feeling.  I also love this soft purple pink paired with a rusty orange.

I finally got a new purse!  I love the equestrian feel of it, and I feel like it goes with everything.  I have had the same small one from the thrift store forever and was using the diaper bag as well.  Now that Cohen is a little older all I have to grab is a snack and a few diapers and wipes and I'm usually good to go, so I don't need the big diaper bag much anymore.  I used my first Ruche Guest Editor discount to get it, YAY! 

Dress (Gap, old) Shoes (Modcloth) Purse, Top, Shaw (Ruche) Necklace (Forever21)

I am excited for this upcoming week because I am seeing Bad Books in Birmingham on Wednesday!  Also, after Monday I will have done four photo shoots including a wedding that I can't wait to get previews up from.  I desperately want to take Cohen to a pumpkin patch and that's also a huge goal for the week!  He is still saying pumpkin from last weekend when the patch was closed!

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  1. I love your style! it's so unique! You look great! I especially love the orange top you layered underneath the dress!