Oct 3, 2012

The Year Round Skirt

I was going to do an outfit post on one of my favorite skirts, when I realized why it was one of my favorites.  I can wear it with so many things and dress it up or down.  Any skirt that is so versatile you can wear year round is a must have, but a floral skirt you can wear year round?  That sounded like a fun challenge!  I wanted to do an outfit in this skirt for each season, so here they are!  

With Fall,  I was really inspired from the Fall Ruche Lookbook.  Those lookbooks are breathtaking and the source of so much of my fashion inspiration.  I loved how they paired a pink flower with this skirt even though it was not the same flower.  I also love the boyfriend cardigan combined with Mary-Janes!

As for Winter, I love pairing socks with heels, and nude colored ones keep your leg line going, perfect for us shorter girls.  From there I just threw on a black peacoat and pink knitted hat.  I think some cream gloves would complete this outfit perfectly.

For Spring, I love mixing the skirt with peach, even though the colors in the skirt are black, pink, green, and blue.  I think its more interesting when you choose a color not so "matchy."  I added a pink belt to tie it together and my favorite two toned Mary Janes.

Finally Summer is time for flats and a light cotton shirt.  I added a straw hat that ties in to the black in the skirt and piping in the flats.

Now on to more of the Fall series, since it is Fall after all, the very best season in my opinion!  Here is the skirt with no filter, so you can see its natural colors!

Cardigan  (old Target) Flower (Charlotte Russe) Top (Forever 21) Skirt and Shoes (Ruche)

So before you pack away all of your pretty Spring and Summer skirts in the closet, think about getting creative with them so they can work into the Fall and even Winter.  Its all about saving money so you can buy those awesome boots and new jackets we are pining over.

Now for some exciting happenings!  If you look to the right of your screen you will find my new Ruche Guest Editor Badge that I am so honored to achieve!  You get the badge when you are featured on the Ruche blog three times.  Not only is it from my favorite source of vintage fashion inspiration but the Ruche blog is a fabulous blog that everyone needs to follow!  Wedding Wednesdays are my favorite!

And even more exciting news I was named as Ruche's "Ruchette of the Month"!  This was a dream of mine ever since I saw the contest because I love everything about the "Ruchette" look.  I was so excited  I just stared at the screen for about 5 minutes without blinking!  So excited, check it out here!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love Cassidy


  1. I love it! The fall outfit with the skirt is my favorite, but the summer one is beautiful as well! And yeah I could tell you got inspiration from Ruche. Their lookbooks are gorgeous.

  2. Newest follower here! Great outfit post, I just did one too!