Nov 29, 2012

Autumn Squeeze

I couldn't resist spending as much time in the warm sunshine today.  It was pretty cold outside, but if you found some rays to stand in the combination of warm and cool felt amazing.  We took Cohen to the  Birmingham Museum of Art today so we got to walk through the city a bit, and I had brought some oranges for us to stop and snack on at the park across the street.  Cohen had a great time at the museum, he oohed and ahhed and was impressed by everything he saw, even the really weird stuff.  

Since I am trying to squeeze my fall hued clothes into these last days of November I feel so sad to see it go!  The fall is my favorite season to dress and its going to be sad, but I can't wait to see what this winter will bring style wise, like sequins, patterned tights, and warm jackets, all of which I am lacking in.  I love seeing the winter snow princess looks in all of my favorite lookbooks, so that is naturally going to be the direction I go in!

Top (Black Friday Steal from UO, $2!)  Boots, Dress (  Sweater (Forever21, old)

 I hope everyone enjoys these last November days!  So sad to see it go!              

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
LOVE Cassidy

Nov 27, 2012

Thifted Tuesday: Rainy Day Ruchette

      I found this awesome houndstooth dress while thrifting with Heidi, and had to have it!  It reminded                me of a Jessica Simpson dress that came out this Fall, but this one is a little longer :), and of course   cheaper.  This dress came with a cute matching cropped jacket and was under $5.  Today, I used the dress in attempts to achieve one of Ruche's looks for the fall.  That look features the Jessica Simpson dress, these adorable shoes, and this purple garland.  I had to have the shoes and have worn them on many occasions so far, and the garland went on sale on Black Friday for $10!  I already had a denim shirt from Forever 21, and a green rain jacket Cameron bought me when we were dating, I remember a lot of rain when we began our romance.  After getting the garland in the mail I wanted to bring that look to life and here it is!  The most expensive thing on this outfit is the shoes which were only $36, a good price for these fall staples!  Today is a rainy cold day and I apologize for my goosebumps in these photos!  I am going to try and squeeze as many autumnal outfits as possible these last few November days.

Shirt (Forever 21) Garland, Necklace,  Shoes, hurry if you like them, only 4 left! (Ruche)                  Dress (Thrifted) 

I am so thankful for how wonderful my Thanksgiving was!  I got to my Moms the night before and my mom, sister, and I stayed up late making casseroles.  It was so much fun cooking and laughing and spending time with them!  The next morning it took longer than expected to get our meal on the table, but everyone stayed patient enough.  I made a homemade apple pie and it was beautiful.  My sister is who is the chef in the family made the prettiest lattice to go on top of it and she completed it with leaves and berries made from pastry dough, we really got into it! I wish I had a picture of it all done!  Then we went to my Nanny's and spent the rest of the day looking through the piles of Black Friday papers.  I was pretty overwhelmed by all of the good deals, but Cameron and I finally decided to dedicate ourselves to waiting in one line, and that was for a special present for Cohen.  It took a couple hours but we got it, and for a great deal!  I ran into my Mom and Tony, they had brought Cohen along to get him so toys, and we ran into my brother Judson at every store/mall we went to!  It was 2AM when we decided to try and last the rest of the night.  Urban Outfitters was opening at 4AM and were having an amazzzing sale, so we took nap for two hours in their parking lot!  When 4AM hit, the crowd was huge and my sister Katelyn and cousin Kyli joined us as we were pushed through the doors by a crazy hipster mob.  The sales associates were on top of the counters least they be ran over.  I ran upstairs and found exactly what I was on the hunt for, a peach maxi skirt and cozy blue sweater.  After that, we called it a night and slept the whole next day!  I even got to see my best friend and take pics of her kiddos when I finally was rested enough.    So that is my Thanksgiving story, hope y'all had a great one too!  Now its time to get in that Christmas spirit, woo-hoo!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

PS, notice my new illustration likeness in the upper corner?  My amazing friend Melanie drew that!  I love it so much!

Nov 25, 2012

Cross Country Dress Swap (featuring A Modern Dame)


It wasn't that long ago when I met my blogging friend Melanie of A Modern Dame.  Since meeting her I have been blown away by her artistic talents, (that girl can draw!), and her super cute outfit posts.  Me and Melanie hit it off pretty quickly and I'm sure if we lived near each other we would be stalking the thrift stores together, sharing outfits, and rummaging through antique stores all the live long day.  Even though she is far away in sunny California, we decided to find a way to swap outfits!  We thought it would be fun to mail each other a dress and see how each other would style it, and that is what we are doing today!  Melanie thrifted this Banana Republic dress and I fell in love with it the second she blogged about it.  She was kind enough to send it to me and I sent her the Urban renewal dress I wore for my engagement shoot.  I thought it would look great on her and I was right!  Here is how I styled Melanie's dress and her in mine!

From Melanie: 

"I really loved the teal and soft reds that Cassidy's dress had, so I decided to pair it with my teal heels and a simple red cardigan to bring out the femininity of the dress. I absolutely love how Cassidy's Urban dress hugs my waist, giving me an almost surreal looking pettiness. I thought I would exaggerate it more adding on a cute pale pink belt that I thought brought out the lightness in the dresses print. Since my look was nearly all teal and reds, I brought along my vintage maroon clutch and simple teal bracelets to top off the look."

I would never have thought to wear teal shoes and it totally works, and brings out the flowers on the dress!  I love the way she topped it off with the candy apple red cardigan, I think it works great with the navy!  The maroon clutch grounds the whole outfit. My favorite things about this dress is how flattering it is in the middle, and she even highlighted it more with a pink belt, another thing I never thought about pairing with this dress!  I must admit this one looks better on her than it does on me!

I loved the soft romantic look of Melanie's dress so I plaid that up with tall lace up boots (they read Victorian-countryside to me, if such a look exists) and burgundy tights.  I threw on a cozy maple sweater that spoke to the flowers on the dress.  I love wrap dresses, and think they are one of the most flattering types of dresses you can get, and they are timeless.  I think it also would be fun to wear this dress open over jeans and cinched with a skinny leather belt.  So many options!  What a lucky find and I am so glad I got the chance to style it!  Thanks Melanie!  Here are more photos of my soaking up this dress while I still have it!

Dress ( borrowed, thrifted Banana Republic)  Ring, Necklace, Purse & Boots (Ruche)  Oversized Cardigan (Forever 21)

Crazy accidental closeup of my hair that Cam took but I think it is cool!

Be sure to visit A Modern Dame, Melanie's lovely blog, to get her outfit details!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love Cassidy

Nov 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Style

Shoes (Blowfish) Dress & Top (Forever21) Scarf (Mall Kiosk) Belt (thrifted)

Jeans & Shoes (Zara) Fox Sweater (Target) Plaid Shirt (Hand Me Down from Henry)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love Cassidy

Super Sunday Sync

Nov 20, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Black+Berry


     I am trying to hide the fact that I feel pretty sickly in these pics.  I woke up with a sore throat and 
     bad sinuses and no energy, as did my little guy, well everything but the energy.  I still wanted to 
     do a Thrifted Tuesday blog besides all that, and of course immediately changed back into my pjs! I 
     got this cozy pink sweater at the thrift store for my Gatlinburg trip and it kept me nice and warm 
     in the mountains.  I was inspired by Mara, from MlovesM, for this outfit.  Although I would love 
     to have everything in her fabulous outfit post, I thought it would be fun to try it using my thrifted 
     pieces that favor.  I love her oversized vest, but this scarf that Cam bought me on our last date night
     has a similar pattern.  I love the burgundy tights with the black boots and skirt and I love how they
     match my earrings.

      This outfit is full of birthday wishlist items!  My talented Dad and Step-mom made my cute gold
      bow necklace, you can find other great pieces on their Etsy site.  They also gave me another 
      unique necklace that holds a single mustard seed, symbolizing having faith the size of a mustard
      seed.  You can find your one of a kind piece here!  They also stitched me this Labyrinth worm 
      that I wanted so badly!  Isn't he adorable!  They also made me the amazing camera strap that I 
      was eyeing online, but it wouldn't hold my camera weight, so they made me an identical one 
      that would!  I am a very lucky girl!  Also, my mom gave me these awesome Blowfish boots for
      my birthday! 

Vest (from kiosk in the mall) Skirt and Shirt (thrifted) Tights and long Necklace (Ruche) Shoes (Blowfish India Boots @ Bow Necklace, Camera Strap, and Worm (handmade)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
LOVE Cassidy

Nov 13, 2012

A Winter Ballet Lookbook!

One of my most adored online shops just released their winter lookbook!  I wanted to share because it has so many good ideas on how to layer for winter, without looking like you are all bundled up in unflattering bulk.  This lookbook was inspired by a off duty ballet dancer, says Ruche's stylist, and her feminine ballet inspired clothing incorporates all of the soft and gentle colors associated with ballerinas. I most love the neutral sequin pieces paired with flowy tops and cozy shawls.  Check it out and be ready to be inspired for winter shopping.

Click the link below to go to the lookbook!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
LOVE, Cassidy

Nov 12, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Frenchy

I am writing from a cozy cabin in Gatlinburg, TN, but these pics were taken this Sunday.  I love the cabin we are staying at, complete with beautiful views, a hot tub, and a pool table.  I won't have time to blog tomorrow because we will be out and about exploring so I wanted to get this Thrifted 
Tuesday up!  My cousin is house sitting for us and for that I am very grateful, this will be a short trip and we are going to try and make the most of our day here.  

I got this velvet black skirt at the thrift store this week and it was another one of those trips when I found exactly what I was looking for, well, more like the combination of two things I wanted to find: a black skirt and something velvet.  I love the high waist and the sleek silhouette it creates, I feel like I should be holding a cigarette when I wear it and I don't even smoke.  It would be more of a accessory I guess which I think some people use cigaretts for anyway, especially in time periods of the past.  I. of course, decided to go other direction and sweeten it up with a soft French crop sweater and pink patent straps.  I love the effortlessness of the outfit and paired it with a gold bib necklace, simple gold bangle, and wine hued earrings all that go perfectly with the gold buckles on the shoes. 

 Isn't this tree amazing as well!?  The beauty of Fall always takes my breath away.  I wish I could have sat under this tree all day while watching the leaves rain down while the wind spins them into beautiful yellow cyclones.   Those are some of my favorite moments, when you can see the motion of the wind and how it spins the leaves into circles that you just want to jump in the middle of.  Yes, this is how I really think haha, but I think it is important to find the magic in everyday moments.  I think that keeping that magic keeps your soul in a more beautiful place.  

Velvet Skirt (thrifted)   Scarf (Ruche)   Necklace & Top (Forever21)  Bangle (Heather Belle)  Shoes (Modcloth)

I am so happy you stopped by, I love the blogging community and think that you all are so amazing and inspirational, it is so nice to get to know such sweet and interesting people who I never would have otherwise met!
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust 
LOVE Cassidy