Nov 29, 2012

Autumn Squeeze

I couldn't resist spending as much time in the warm sunshine today.  It was pretty cold outside, but if you found some rays to stand in the combination of warm and cool felt amazing.  We took Cohen to the  Birmingham Museum of Art today so we got to walk through the city a bit, and I had brought some oranges for us to stop and snack on at the park across the street.  Cohen had a great time at the museum, he oohed and ahhed and was impressed by everything he saw, even the really weird stuff.  

Since I am trying to squeeze my fall hued clothes into these last days of November I feel so sad to see it go!  The fall is my favorite season to dress and its going to be sad, but I can't wait to see what this winter will bring style wise, like sequins, patterned tights, and warm jackets, all of which I am lacking in.  I love seeing the winter snow princess looks in all of my favorite lookbooks, so that is naturally going to be the direction I go in!

Top (Black Friday Steal from UO, $2!)  Boots, Dress (  Sweater (Forever21, old)

 I hope everyone enjoys these last November days!  So sad to see it go!              

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
LOVE Cassidy


  1. I know I am sad to see autumn morph into winter :( In Minnesota though it's been a mix of warm and cold, so I have been able to still wear my autumn clothes. I'm glad Cohen enjoyed the museum. Better start young, right?

    I was sooo tempted to get that dress when I first saw it on the autumn lookbook. Unfortunately shopping will be put off this month in lieu of christmas presents for everyone else.

    Love the outfit as always!

  2. So cute Cassidy! I love the skirt with the cardigan!

  3. hey Cassidy, just saw your awesomely put together mix on Ruche blog and came right over. this look is darling as can be, all the wonderful elements brought together for a perfect autumnal ensemble.

    the boyf & i went to an art crawl recently and there were so many children there. i love getting to be a 2nd hand viewer and be able to watch their reactions to the art. super interesting and inspiring - so glad your Cohen is being exposed like that. it's a great thing!! thank goodness Mr. Snail made out okay too, no cracked shell during the shoot...huzzah! ♥