Nov 25, 2012

Cross Country Dress Swap (featuring A Modern Dame)


It wasn't that long ago when I met my blogging friend Melanie of A Modern Dame.  Since meeting her I have been blown away by her artistic talents, (that girl can draw!), and her super cute outfit posts.  Me and Melanie hit it off pretty quickly and I'm sure if we lived near each other we would be stalking the thrift stores together, sharing outfits, and rummaging through antique stores all the live long day.  Even though she is far away in sunny California, we decided to find a way to swap outfits!  We thought it would be fun to mail each other a dress and see how each other would style it, and that is what we are doing today!  Melanie thrifted this Banana Republic dress and I fell in love with it the second she blogged about it.  She was kind enough to send it to me and I sent her the Urban renewal dress I wore for my engagement shoot.  I thought it would look great on her and I was right!  Here is how I styled Melanie's dress and her in mine!

From Melanie: 

"I really loved the teal and soft reds that Cassidy's dress had, so I decided to pair it with my teal heels and a simple red cardigan to bring out the femininity of the dress. I absolutely love how Cassidy's Urban dress hugs my waist, giving me an almost surreal looking pettiness. I thought I would exaggerate it more adding on a cute pale pink belt that I thought brought out the lightness in the dresses print. Since my look was nearly all teal and reds, I brought along my vintage maroon clutch and simple teal bracelets to top off the look."

I would never have thought to wear teal shoes and it totally works, and brings out the flowers on the dress!  I love the way she topped it off with the candy apple red cardigan, I think it works great with the navy!  The maroon clutch grounds the whole outfit. My favorite things about this dress is how flattering it is in the middle, and she even highlighted it more with a pink belt, another thing I never thought about pairing with this dress!  I must admit this one looks better on her than it does on me!

I loved the soft romantic look of Melanie's dress so I plaid that up with tall lace up boots (they read Victorian-countryside to me, if such a look exists) and burgundy tights.  I threw on a cozy maple sweater that spoke to the flowers on the dress.  I love wrap dresses, and think they are one of the most flattering types of dresses you can get, and they are timeless.  I think it also would be fun to wear this dress open over jeans and cinched with a skinny leather belt.  So many options!  What a lucky find and I am so glad I got the chance to style it!  Thanks Melanie!  Here are more photos of my soaking up this dress while I still have it!

Dress ( borrowed, thrifted Banana Republic)  Ring, Necklace, Purse & Boots (Ruche)  Oversized Cardigan (Forever 21)

Crazy accidental closeup of my hair that Cam took but I think it is cool!

Be sure to visit A Modern Dame, Melanie's lovely blog, to get her outfit details!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Love Cassidy


  1. That's so cool that y'all swapped dresses :)

  2. I love your dress swap idea! And you both look adorable!

  3. Thanks so much, Cassidy! I love this post and how you styled my dress, I can't believe how cute it looks with those Victorian Boots! This was such an awesome experience! You are the sweetest!

  4. You guys!!! Amazing style swapping! I love the pink belt Melanie :) You two need a fashion show on HGTV or TLC. I could see you guys doing this every week.