Dec 7, 2012

DIY: Away in a Manger

DIY: How to make a natural manger scene! 
Here are two manger scenes that I did with two different stars :)

2.  The second one I made with another star :)

I made a couple of these last year for Christmas presents.  My mom collects manger scenes, so I wanted to make her a handmade one.  I wanted it to be very natural and didn't set out of making my own manger, but since I couldn't find one pre-maid that went with my natural aesthetic, I decided to make one!  Everything for this project was bought at Hobby except for the star with was an old ornament.  

Here is what you will need.
A bundle of branches, I used Natural Curly Ting Ting 
Wooden Birch Boys
Small Wooden Ball (for the baby)
Small strip of burlap
Gold twine
Thin gold metallic fabric
Cotton balls
Scrap Fabrics in natural colors (I like going to the fabric section and asking for scraps, then you can pick many colors of scraps for very cheap)
Wooden base ( I found this one laying around in the basement)
Hot Glue
Small amount of hay

First, build your manger on the wood plank.  Cut branches evenly for the sides of the manger and glue them down, then cut them for the back in a way so that they will elevate to the tip of the roof.  Then I glued a "beam" for center peak of the roof and held it carefully until it glued, so I could begin gluing the sticks across the roof.  I then hid the part where all of the sticks meet the beam with three sticks in a triangular fashion.  I then glued some wispy curly pieces to the top.  I put frayed burlap around the edges of the manger where it meets the wood plank to hide the glue.

Next make a little crib out of of the sticks by gluing them together to form a little box, and I glued some hay inside.

For the sheep, glue the cotton balls around the base of the birch boy and then I used scissors to fray the edges of the cotton to make in look not so perfect.  Then I crafted each of the characters by carefully gluing small scraps of fabric around them and adding embellishments of gold and hay, and be sure to make a shepherd staff using a stick of the ting ting.  

I didn't glue them down because I wanted them to be able to be picked up!

Finally add a star on the tip of the manger for the finishing touch!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. How cute is this!

  2. This is simply amazing, I love it!
    I LOVE the little puff ball sheep! It's super cute! and all the little details on their clothes! And the very top, too, it looks so pretty!
    Super cute!

  3. Cassidy, you are just so clever...I love this.