Dec 4, 2012

Thrifted Tuesday: Pencil Us In!

Today I am pleased to have my beautiful and stylish sister-in-law, Sadie on a fun Thrifted Tuesday!  We went to the thrift store before our Gatlinburg trip to find some cozy sweaters and ended up finding these two great pencil skirts.  Sadie went to the skirt section first and I was so jealous when she came back with this brown one!  I am definitely borrowing.  I went straight over and found this lovely fun purple one.  I love the strait pleats and the over-saturated plum color.  I was wearing this mustard turtle neck when I tried it on there and loved the combination.  I seriously wear this top all of the time.  Both belts are from the thrift store as well along with Sadie's cute pink tie bow blouse.  This girl has got a great eye for thrift store shopping!  She cleaned up better than I did that day!  

I love how Sadie put the green belt with the green sheer tights with the warmer colors of the outfit to give it a funky and interesting balance.  She looks polished, and still playful with her colors.  Also, she always wears a pencil skirt well!  

These are a bit on the blurry side, but we are so thankful her boyfriend was able to take them for us!  I think he is a real natural when it comes to composition!  


On Me: Top, Necklace (ShopRuche) Skirt and belt (Thrifted) Tights (Target) Shoes (Nine West)

On Sadie: Top, Belt, and Skirt (Thrifted) Tights (ShopRuche) Shoes (Modcloth)

Ok, Dressember is still on!  I am going to try and keep up as much as I can, this is going to be tougher than I thought!  How did the old timey ladies do it!?  Its not that I'd rather wear jeans, just pjs. :) 

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. You two are so cute! I love the skirts! I need to thrift more!!

  2. You both look stunning! Great thrift finds!

  3. You both look beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous! Are the shoes the infamous feminine mystique ones that always go out of stock before I can buy them?! Ugh I am super jealous.

    Great thrift store finds! Again I feel so inspired!!!!

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  6. Soo cute Cassidy! You guys look amazing! I love those penciled skirts! Fabulous!
    I love that that yellow shirt looks amazing with all of your outfits, it really is one of those perfect versatile pieces!

    I so love seeing your blog posts!

  7. Stunning colours! You both look gorgeous. I love the combos.


  8. Y'all look awesome! You both rock the pencil skirts. =) Lovely outfits.