Jan 27, 2013

Sunday Style: Milk and Cookies

The second I got home from church I sat down to a snack of Oreo's and ice cold milk to satisfy my starving tummy.  As I dipped the cookie I couldn't help but notice how well my little treat complimented my outfit.  Creamy colors and black accents are about as compatible as the Oreo with milk.  I love how the pretty rosy print sweetens the already sweet look.  

Shoes (Modcloth)  Dress (Ruche)   Cardi (Target)  Bracelet (Anthropologie) 

Have you noticed anything different about my blog space?  Well if you do I hope you like it as much as I do.  It was nice to get some organization and proper navigation going.   You can explore my blog over to the right in my search engine, and go to certain topics in the "things like ....." section.  Soon I will have all of my top navigation pages running, and some of them already are!  I love my new header and I most love the little keys you click on to go to the next or previous page!  

So how did this new home for my blog come to be?  My husband gave me the gift this Christmas of choosing a graphic designer to give my blog a full reconstructive surgery.  He knows how much I love blogging so it was the perfect gift.  I was so excited!  After MUCH research I chose a design company called Maiedae.  The girls, Jenny and Savannah, seemed to have a similar style to mine, and after browsing their portfolio, I was very impressed and excited to see what my custom design would look like.  I think my designer, Jenny, did a lovely job, and she was so nice to work with.  I really feel at home in my little blog home now!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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Jan 22, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Drops of Jupiter

Happy Thrifted Tuesday!
Last night we were outside looking at stars and we noticed a very bright star by the moon, turns out it was Jupiter.  It was beautiful and we stopped to stare at it for a while.  Today I noticed an old Saturn in the ally behind my house and it reminded me of my first car, a silvery Saturn very similar to this one.  So needless to say I was inspired by the galaxy for this Thrifted Tuesday outfit post.  For my starry night look I went for this vintage black velvet bodysuit that looks like the night sky, and this silvery pleated skirt and sparkly silver flats.  I completed it with my purple grey pendant necklace, the one that broke and I am still wearing anyway.  

sparkle flats (Forever 21)     skirt (Threadsence)      Bodysuit  (American Deadstock)      purse (thrifted) 

I am glad that American Deadstock, where I got this bodysuit, was able to find this because I was searching for it.  At their store you will find tons of 80's and 90's styles, including bodysuits which I love!  Also, they have tons of vintage inspired sunnies.   

Bodysuits and formal purses are easy thrift store finds.  Formal purses especially because someone might where it for an even that matches a certain dress and then never have use for it again, so don't forget to try and snag one to add a bit of glamor to an otherwise flat outfit!

I hope you got to see Jupiter last night as well, and I hope this car wasn't stolen and ditched behind my house....

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Jan 18, 2013


Here's something you might not know about me.  
I am nearly blind!  
Seriously, can not see without my glasses/contacts. 

 With seriously poor eyesight coming from both my mother and father I am at the mercy of corrective lenses.   I am happy that unlike the past, frames come in a variety of styles, making it possible for you to still look fashionable and put together while wearing your glasses.  What is it about wearing glasses that makes you feel smarter and look smarter?   I'm in the market for new ones and with everything else we buy online, buying glasses online makes just as much sense. 

That brings me to tell you about this amazing company, GlassesUSA.com.  Here they offer you to purchase your lenses and frames from the comfort from your home at unbeatable prices.  They are a discount prescription glasses company that offers all of the brands we love as well as any style that suits you.  From Vintage/Nerdy looks to Classics, its easy to find the pair that is right for your style.  

All you need is your eyeglasses prescription and you are ready to pick your perfect frame.  Step by step instructions make it simple for you to find your dream frame at a dream price.  To sweeten the deal, there is a refer-a-friend program, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and they are offering discounts to my readers (see below).

My most favorite thing about this company is the virtual mirror!  I attached it below for you to try!  All you do is upload your photo, pick a style category, and you can virtually try on all of the eyeglasses and their colors, so you can see which look is best for you.  It's pretty addicting.  I have learned that the cat eye style looks best on me, and although I love aviators, they aren't as flattering on me as I would hope!

Here are the discount codes for your new pair of glasses!
Take 15% off your entire order amount + free shipping (orders over $50).  Code: FS15
Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses.  Code: Blog10


Have fun with your virtual glasses makeover!


Alabama Snow

Northerners would laugh our southern "snow days" but since we get snow about once a year, its a big, big, deal.  See the small, melty, white patches of snow around me?  Well I made a special trip to the grocery store yesterday for bread and milk because of it might block me inside my house, and leaving me stranded from the outside world.  You see, that is all what we secretly are hoping for, the blizzard of 93', and I remember it being the funnest snow experience of my life.  It was a real blizzard in Alabama, causing most people to lose power and for about a week, Alabama shut down.  My cousins got to come stay with us because our power went out, which I loved.  It was like a snowy sleepover every night and during the day mom would wrap me up in trash bags and zip lock bags held together with duct tape.  This was my snow suit.  I wish I had a photo.  But, like I said, even though no one will admit it, we are all wishing it snows so much we all really need use for all of our bread and milk we stalked up on the day before.  And it is a slap in the face when our one snow day comes on a weekend, so kids can't miss out on a day of school because it snows a bit.  On our typical snow day, you might be able make a miniature snow man if you scrape every bit of snow from your front yard and assemble it before it melts.  Always exciting to see everyones little snow/dirt/sticks snowmen on Facebook!  But this is why I love living in Alabama, we get a good taste of all the seasons, even if its a little taste :)

Here are some brighter pics for outfit deets :)

Dress (thrifted from Melanie) Shoes (Thrifted) Sweater and Necklace (Threadsence) Socks (Modcloth) Slip (thrifted)  

As you can see, I am not dressed that warm.  In fact, it felt pretty amazing outside, cool and crisp, with a pretty lavender sky and pink sunset (hard to see in these photos, but it was so pretty) .  I love how peachy pink slip dress matched my winter wonderland surroundings.  My friend Melanie from A Modern Dame, sent me this dress to style.  She thrifted it and I was so jealous of it the minute she showed a photo of it!  She paired it with a cute jean jacket, which I thought looked amazing for Spring. And you have to go to her blog right now to see this amazing illustration she did of her Ruche wishlist!  I love love love it!  
These old Zara fringe booties were thrifted and clearly never worn.  They keep the melty snow of the hem of my dress!  I got this cropped sweater and necklace from Threadsence.  I am loving these nineties trends that are coming back, like the crop top and high waisted pants.  As a 90's enthusiast, I couldn't be more thrilled!  

As for Cohen, he was recovering from a fever yesterday, so he couldn't play in the snow, however, he loved watching the snowflakes fall and begin to stick.  He sat in the window watching it pretty much all day.  He especially loved how the snow covered his swing in the yard.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Happy Friday!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Jan 15, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Throw Me Love

I went thrifting with Carlie the other day looking for items for her nursery.  Our trip was pretty unsuccessful except for me discovering a couple cool throws for the house.  I like the cozy eclectic vibe they bring, and throw them over doors and fold them in stacks to keep near the couch.  They are always easy pieces to find when thrifting.  Just throw them in the wash on gentle and let them air dry and they are ready to snuggle!  

I was reading Jenny Highsmiths blog the other day and loved how she made an outfit board that combined this actual scarf with a black and white dress, so it made we want to try the combo today with this old thrifted shirt from Gap.  I thought the cowboy boots went well with the scarf and faded jeans.  Paired with my rain jacket and messy bun, it made for a cute rainy day look.  

I never know how to wear a scarf.  I feel like they make me look top heavy and I really dislike huge ones like these, the kind where if you unfold them all the way could be a sheet on a twin bed.  But alas, I keep buying them for the pretty patterns.  I know I can look at one of those demonstrations on the fifty ways of wearing a scarf, but today I'm just taking the chance that this way was one on the list.  Ugh I'll get it right next time! 

Shag Rug (Dirt Cheaped) Throw on Chair (Thrifted)  Zig Zag Throw (yard sale) Purple Woven Throw (Thrifted)
Boots (Forever 21) Jeans (Jessica Simpson) Top (Thrifted) Scarf (Target)   Fan (Thrifted)
 This is our little spare bedroom where the husband practices with his band, like he is actually doing right now.  I want to turn it into a nursery one day but for now its a music/guest bedroom.  At Dirt Cheap, they had a shipment of hotel toiletries and I got tons of them (mini shampoos, conditioners, face soaps) to stock the guest bath, and even some hotel house slippers for $1.  If I ever do have a guest, I plan on putting the slippers by the bed, hanging a white robe in the closet, and putting fresh flowers in a vase by the bed.  Then I can place some of the hotel bath goodies in a little basket in the bathroom.  I have the plan now all I need is a guest!  Don't worry future guest, I don't buy my bedding at the thrift store.

Today we went to have our taxes done and took Coes out to lunch.  I have given him and his daddy the nickname  "Pizza Punks" because that is what they always want, and that's where we went today, Stevie B's, or as I like to call it, Stevie B nothing but carbs.  It is a pizza bar with crazy varieties of pizza.  Some our favorites are Buffalo Chicken, Spinach and hite cheese, and the Bavarian chocolate.  Cohen liked the grape tomatoes from the salad bar, he calls them strawberries.  It was fun going out with my favorite guys.  


Faith, Love, and Pixie Dust

Jan 13, 2013

Frosty Leopard

I liked this mod little outfit I put together today.  The colors are bright and fun yet still looks like winter to me.  Isn't it weird how far a little pop of animal print goes!?  I have seen bloggers with a leopard scarf, heels, or beanie hat and I love the trend, its the perfect amount of pattern.  These adorable leopard print kitten heels do the job :)  I have always said its best to have one leopard piece in your wardrobe, in fear of looking like Janice from Friends!   

What is it about leather that instantly makes you feel cooler?  I am swooning for a pair of leather pants, I had my eyes on this maroon pair from UO and they of course went on sale and sold out immediately!  My heart still flutters when I think of them!  I wore this jacket today to tame to my faux leather craving.  



Vegan Leather Jacket (Express, birthday gift from Cam)
 Necklace, Tights, and Dress (Ruche)
Shoes (Modcloth)
Belt (Thrifted)

I had a great week!  I got a lot of photo's done and sent off to my beautiful clients and had wonderful date with Cameron last night.  We went out to dinner and bowling, what a humiliating date bowling is, but it was still fun to be out of the house and not in pjs!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Jan 8, 2013

Things Like Jewelries

   "Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece
   of iconography used to express individual identity."

  "Oh! And it's pretty."
  "That too."

  The Devil Wears Prada

While they were discussing handbags, I was thinking this also applies
  to our intimate feelings we have with our jewelry.  

  These are some of my favorite pieces I love to wear nearly everyday!

  Bow Necklace-Beehive Trading Company 
  Skeleton Key on Chain-Christmas gift from Father and Stepmom
  Bracelet-Christmas gift from Cameron
  Dress-Old Ruche and altered 
  Ring-Indie-(Cohens March Stone)

Thrifted Tuesday: Tweeds and Dots

I am in an amazing mood today, my team won its 3rd National Championship in 4 years.  We had a big party last night to watch the game, and we were all piled on the couch eating yummy food and enjoying the general splender of our team kicking their butts.  I liked the Notre Dame team but their schedule did not prepare them for us.   It sure feels good all this winning, but I'm sure the rest of the country is pretty sick of us.  We just keep winning and winning those Championships.  Ok, I'm done gloating about my team, I guess that is the expected reaction though.  Victory just feels so sweet.  OK I'm done, I'm done, I'm really done.  

People have many ideas on what it like to live in Alabama, mostly that its full of rednecks and fast food chains, but with Buck Wild on the television and me not knowing any person like that who lives near me, I have to assume that there are those kinds of people no matter where you live, north or south.  Alabama is a beautiful state, with hills, rivers, pastures, quaint towns, big cities, and lovely seasons.  It has plenty of history and friendly people, southern hospitality, good manners, and amazing football players.  I love living in my Sweet Home Alabama.  Another thing that is great about Alabama is great thrifting.  I found this great textured tweed jacket last year and this cute shimmery clutch a few weeks ago at the thrift store up the road!  I love pairing them with my Ruche top and circle pattern pants.

I like the combination of patterns and colors on this look.  I think the color of the pants pairs nice with the merlot heels.  I was worried about how these pants would look on me, a 5'2 frame, but I kinda think they look nice, its fun to try new things.  I tell you one thing though, I can NOT wear these with flats. No sir, No sir, it is a bad idea!!

Pants and Top (Ruche) both sold out :( here is a similar top
Shoes (Nine West) Necklace (Ruche)  Clutch and Jacket (thrifted)

I think this is a good outfit to wear when you want to be dressy but not where a dress.  Its hard to find fun dressy pants but these are just the unexpected element this outfit needs to make it interesting.  And as for the shirt. it is my prettiest top I own, every girl needs a pretty white or cream top to pair with difficult items.  

I was happy to be featured on Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl, I am a Mormon Monday.  It was a great opportunity to share about my beliefs, because I know there are many who are sometimes curious about what we do believe.  Please go check it out, its a lovely blog!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and goes thrifting, I hope I can go this week!  Much love to everyone!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust