Jan 18, 2013

Alabama Snow

Northerners would laugh our southern "snow days" but since we get snow about once a year, its a big, big, deal.  See the small, melty, white patches of snow around me?  Well I made a special trip to the grocery store yesterday for bread and milk because of it might block me inside my house, and leaving me stranded from the outside world.  You see, that is all what we secretly are hoping for, the blizzard of 93', and I remember it being the funnest snow experience of my life.  It was a real blizzard in Alabama, causing most people to lose power and for about a week, Alabama shut down.  My cousins got to come stay with us because our power went out, which I loved.  It was like a snowy sleepover every night and during the day mom would wrap me up in trash bags and zip lock bags held together with duct tape.  This was my snow suit.  I wish I had a photo.  But, like I said, even though no one will admit it, we are all wishing it snows so much we all really need use for all of our bread and milk we stalked up on the day before.  And it is a slap in the face when our one snow day comes on a weekend, so kids can't miss out on a day of school because it snows a bit.  On our typical snow day, you might be able make a miniature snow man if you scrape every bit of snow from your front yard and assemble it before it melts.  Always exciting to see everyones little snow/dirt/sticks snowmen on Facebook!  But this is why I love living in Alabama, we get a good taste of all the seasons, even if its a little taste :)

Here are some brighter pics for outfit deets :)

Dress (thrifted from Melanie) Shoes (Thrifted) Sweater and Necklace (Threadsence) Socks (Modcloth) Slip (thrifted)  

As you can see, I am not dressed that warm.  In fact, it felt pretty amazing outside, cool and crisp, with a pretty lavender sky and pink sunset (hard to see in these photos, but it was so pretty) .  I love how peachy pink slip dress matched my winter wonderland surroundings.  My friend Melanie from A Modern Dame, sent me this dress to style.  She thrifted it and I was so jealous of it the minute she showed a photo of it!  She paired it with a cute jean jacket, which I thought looked amazing for Spring. And you have to go to her blog right now to see this amazing illustration she did of her Ruche wishlist!  I love love love it!  
These old Zara fringe booties were thrifted and clearly never worn.  They keep the melty snow of the hem of my dress!  I got this cropped sweater and necklace from Threadsence.  I am loving these nineties trends that are coming back, like the crop top and high waisted pants.  As a 90's enthusiast, I couldn't be more thrilled!  

As for Cohen, he was recovering from a fever yesterday, so he couldn't play in the snow, however, he loved watching the snowflakes fall and begin to stick.  He sat in the window watching it pretty much all day.  He especially loved how the snow covered his swing in the yard.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Happy Friday!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. AH! This is adorable! I am in *love* with how you styled the dress with that cute cropped sweater and boots! That necklace is gorgeous! Everything about this outfit, love! The dress fits you perfectly!

  2. You look so pretty in these photos against the pink sky (I can see it). I laughed at the story of your Mum putting you in bin bags and zip lock bags as your snow suit, it sounds like it was a really fun time.

    We have about 2 inches of snow here at the moment and it is still falling, it's not meant to stop until Monday night. I hope not as I love the snow!!

    Janine xx

  3. Love the boots!!! I wish it snowed where I'm at *Sadface*