Jan 22, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Drops of Jupiter

Happy Thrifted Tuesday!
Last night we were outside looking at stars and we noticed a very bright star by the moon, turns out it was Jupiter.  It was beautiful and we stopped to stare at it for a while.  Today I noticed an old Saturn in the ally behind my house and it reminded me of my first car, a silvery Saturn very similar to this one.  So needless to say I was inspired by the galaxy for this Thrifted Tuesday outfit post.  For my starry night look I went for this vintage black velvet bodysuit that looks like the night sky, and this silvery pleated skirt and sparkly silver flats.  I completed it with my purple grey pendant necklace, the one that broke and I am still wearing anyway.  

sparkle flats (Forever 21)     skirt (Threadsence)      Bodysuit  (American Deadstock)      purse (thrifted) 

I am glad that American Deadstock, where I got this bodysuit, was able to find this because I was searching for it.  At their store you will find tons of 80's and 90's styles, including bodysuits which I love!  Also, they have tons of vintage inspired sunnies.   

Bodysuits and formal purses are easy thrift store finds.  Formal purses especially because someone might where it for an even that matches a certain dress and then never have use for it again, so don't forget to try and snag one to add a bit of glamor to an otherwise flat outfit!

I hope you got to see Jupiter last night as well, and I hope this car wasn't stolen and ditched behind my house....

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. Ha ha. That is funny about the car.

    I won't be going outside tonight to look up at the sky...it's like -25 with the windchill!

    Very pretty ladylike outfit. You look beautiful in the close up.


  2. Love the outfit Cassidy! You always look so elegant!
    I love the velvet texture of the bodysuit!And your hair, it's so long and pretty!
    Also, that necklace is precious! Where did you get it?

  3. What a lovely outfit =] I love your skirt!

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