Jan 13, 2013

Frosty Leopard

I liked this mod little outfit I put together today.  The colors are bright and fun yet still looks like winter to me.  Isn't it weird how far a little pop of animal print goes!?  I have seen bloggers with a leopard scarf, heels, or beanie hat and I love the trend, its the perfect amount of pattern.  These adorable leopard print kitten heels do the job :)  I have always said its best to have one leopard piece in your wardrobe, in fear of looking like Janice from Friends!   

What is it about leather that instantly makes you feel cooler?  I am swooning for a pair of leather pants, I had my eyes on this maroon pair from UO and they of course went on sale and sold out immediately!  My heart still flutters when I think of them!  I wore this jacket today to tame to my faux leather craving.  



Vegan Leather Jacket (Express, birthday gift from Cam)
 Necklace, Tights, and Dress (Ruche)
Shoes (Modcloth)
Belt (Thrifted)

I had a great week!  I got a lot of photo's done and sent off to my beautiful clients and had wonderful date with Cameron last night.  We went out to dinner and bowling, what a humiliating date bowling is, but it was still fun to be out of the house and not in pjs!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. Love the colors in this look. The grey tights a a fun unexpected color.

  2. Love the leather jacket over the dress, I'd totally wear something like this myself!

    Professionally Petite

  3. I love how you have the leather jacket with the blue dress! I would've never thought to pair those together!


  4. You look beautiful in this outfit, the colour of the dress really suits you.

    Janine xx

  5. I love those shoes!! Beautiful!

  6. Love the colours, cute dress and I love your hair!

  7. Loving this outfit on you! That dress is adorable and LOVE the leopard flats! xo Angela

  8. So pretty! I actually wanted to get that dress too, but I decided to hold off on shopping until I reach my goal weight. You look stunning and the leather jacket goes well with it!

    I'm glad you had fun on your date. Being able to go out and dress up makes the biggest difference for the week. Do you or your husband have younger siblings? My older siblings always have me babysit at least once a week so they can have a date night. You should try the same thing if it's within your budget (though i don't charge my siblings. Since you're family, they'll probably do the same!)

  9. you look so pretty! I love your hair!


  10. Cassidy, you are too cute for words! I love every one of your outfits. And I dream of having a hair style like yours someday when I am brave enough to commit to bangs! Thanks for linking up!

    With Love,

  11. Super cute!
    Love the leather jacket. and the color of the blue dress. I just like it all.
    your adorable! which is why I decided to follow!


  12. Love the outfit! And those shoes are so adorable! ;)