Jan 18, 2013


Here's something you might not know about me.  
I am nearly blind!  
Seriously, can not see without my glasses/contacts. 

 With seriously poor eyesight coming from both my mother and father I am at the mercy of corrective lenses.   I am happy that unlike the past, frames come in a variety of styles, making it possible for you to still look fashionable and put together while wearing your glasses.  What is it about wearing glasses that makes you feel smarter and look smarter?   I'm in the market for new ones and with everything else we buy online, buying glasses online makes just as much sense. 

That brings me to tell you about this amazing company, GlassesUSA.com.  Here they offer you to purchase your lenses and frames from the comfort from your home at unbeatable prices.  They are a discount prescription glasses company that offers all of the brands we love as well as any style that suits you.  From Vintage/Nerdy looks to Classics, its easy to find the pair that is right for your style.  

All you need is your eyeglasses prescription and you are ready to pick your perfect frame.  Step by step instructions make it simple for you to find your dream frame at a dream price.  To sweeten the deal, there is a refer-a-friend program, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and they are offering discounts to my readers (see below).

My most favorite thing about this company is the virtual mirror!  I attached it below for you to try!  All you do is upload your photo, pick a style category, and you can virtually try on all of the eyeglasses and their colors, so you can see which look is best for you.  It's pretty addicting.  I have learned that the cat eye style looks best on me, and although I love aviators, they aren't as flattering on me as I would hope!

Here are the discount codes for your new pair of glasses!
Take 15% off your entire order amount + free shipping (orders over $50).  Code: FS15
Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses.  Code: Blog10


Have fun with your virtual glasses makeover!



  1. Hello! I just started following your blog, and I really like it :) In fact, I like it SO much that I've nominated you for the Box of Chocolates Blog Award!! Please visit this link for the rules and my questions for you :)


  2. Glasses suits you. I remember my jealous over those friends who were wearing glasses when I was kid! any how this is nice.
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