Jan 27, 2013

Sunday Style: Milk and Cookies

The second I got home from church I sat down to a snack of Oreo's and ice cold milk to satisfy my starving tummy.  As I dipped the cookie I couldn't help but notice how well my little treat complimented my outfit.  Creamy colors and black accents are about as compatible as the Oreo with milk.  I love how the pretty rosy print sweetens the already sweet look.  

Shoes (Modcloth)  Dress (Ruche)   Cardi (Target)  Bracelet (Anthropologie) 

Have you noticed anything different about my blog space?  Well if you do I hope you like it as much as I do.  It was nice to get some organization and proper navigation going.   You can explore my blog over to the right in my search engine, and go to certain topics in the "things like ....." section.  Soon I will have all of my top navigation pages running, and some of them already are!  I love my new header and I most love the little keys you click on to go to the next or previous page!  

So how did this new home for my blog come to be?  My husband gave me the gift this Christmas of choosing a graphic designer to give my blog a full reconstructive surgery.  He knows how much I love blogging so it was the perfect gift.  I was so excited!  After MUCH research I chose a design company called Maiedae.  The girls, Jenny and Savannah, seemed to have a similar style to mine, and after browsing their portfolio, I was very impressed and excited to see what my custom design would look like.  I think my designer, Jenny, did a lovely job, and she was so nice to work with.  I really feel at home in my little blog home now!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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  1. I love your new blog look! It's really elegant and classy - perfect for your style I think. =) And your outfit is amazing btw. I'm surprised at how good your photos look with the indoor lighting, since I can never get mine to turn out halfway decent unless they're taken outside. =) You look amazing as always. =)


    1. Thank you, I just natural light from the windows and no flash, also no ceiling light (if that helps) The lighting in my house is pretty warm so I think that helped!

      Have a good night Callie! :) Cas

  2. Cassidy! Thanks for linking up and for your sweet comment! I LOVE your new blog layout! it's AWESOME! And as always, your style is so unique and gorgeous! Love this look!

    Love always,

  3. My first time visiting and I love your site. Great style and sense of color. I need to find a bracelet like your stunning piece. The green rocks! Love the shoes and skirt too!

    1. You do need one of these, it somehow goes with everything and gives a rich pop of color!! Thanks for commenting Mary! :)

  4. I love your hair and the color of it! Is that your natural color?! Found your blog from Plane Pretty(:

    Chelsea@ TheInspiredRose.blogspot.com

  5. Love your beautiful blog! I'm following you back from revampspunkyrena.com
    Stay in touch! :)

  6. I'm loving the new blog design! And this pretty floral dress. And I seriously can never get over how pretty you are!
    Visiting from the Sunday Style link-up!

  7. Love those little heels. Can't resist SO many of the shoes I find on Modcloth.

  8. Gorgeous outfit, and beautiful blog. I also have serious hair envy :)

  9. I love this little photo shoot! The cookies and milk are the perfect props!
    Penniless Socialite

  10. The new blog layout looks amazing!! I'm kinda jealous actually, not gonna lie...I always just do everything myself, cause I am too cheap! They really did a great job. And this outfit is gorgeous...I'm going to be featuring it tomorrow, just so you know :)

  11. I am loving your blog!! You are gorgeous! I love your dress and shoes :-) Xo

  12. I found my way here from Plane Pretty. I like your blog, will surely be back =)

  13. Love your hair! Us redheads gotta stay together! I'm now following your blog.
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